Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates REMOVED from the list

UPDATE:  Well, well, well, isn't this just special! 

Mary Cummins, Mary Scummy-Dummy Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals has monotonously verbalized that "Animal Advocates is located in region five. We are the only facility licensed in the City of Los Angeles serving over 4.5 million people and over 500 square miles."

Prepare yourself because this is really going to give you a belly laugh.  Let's just take a look at Region 5 from the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife website.  

Region 5
Orange Bellflower Opossum Society of the US 562-804-3038 opossums only
Ventura Camarillo Camarillo Wildlife Rescue 805-482-7617 All
San Diego Chula Vista Hummingbird Rescue Center 619-420-5156 Hummingbirds only
Orange Fountain Valley Songbird Care and Education Center 714-964-0666 songbirds
Orange Huntington Wetlands & Wildlife 714-374-5587 All
Orange Lake Forest Orange County Bird of Prey Center 949-837-0786
San Diego Lakeside Sky Hunters (Raptors only) 619-445-6565 raptors
Los Angeles Long Beach All Wildlife Rescue & Education 562-434-0141 All
Los Angeles Malibu California Wildlife Center 818-222-2658 All
Ventura Oakview Ojai Valley Wildlife Rehab 805-649-1208
Ventura Oakview Ojai Raptor Center 805-667-4727
Ventura Ojai Wildlife Rescue of Ojai 805-649-5442
Orange Orange Susan Doggett (birds only) 714-637-8355 raptors, corvids
Orange Orange Andrea Ristig 714-998-2780 juvenile raccoons only
Los Angeles Palos Verdes South Bay Wildlife Rehab 310-378-9921
Los Angeles Pasadena Pasadena Humane Society 626-792-7151
San Diego Ramona Fund For Animals 760-789-2324 bobcats, coyotes, skunks, raptors
San Diego San Diego Project Wildlife 619-225-9202 All
Los Angeles San Dimas Trudy & Jim Vrieling 909-599-4893 raccoons, furbearers
Los Angeles San Dimas Wild Wings of California 909-592-4900 songbirds & raptors only
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara La Cumbre Canyon Wildlife Care 805-687-9980 raccoons, opossums, skunks
Los Angeles Malibu Coast & Canyon Wildlife 310-480-1760 squirrels, opossums, skunks and small mammals
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network 805-966-9005
Los Angeles San Pedro International Bird Rescue & Research Center 310-514-2573
Ventura County Simi Valley Wildlife Care of Ventura County 805-581-3911 coyote, bobcats, raccoons, opossums
Ventura Thousand Oaks Sharron Baird 805-498-8653 squirrels & small mammals
Los Angeles Topanga Wildworks 310-455-0550
Ventura Ventura Vicki Youmans 805-746-3962 Squirrels
Ventura Thousand Oaks Cathy Case, Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care 805-374-9027 Small Mammals
Santa Barbara Santa Ynez Animal Rescue Team 805-896-1859

 Not only is Dummy Cummy NOT the only rehab center (albeit a living room operation and not a rehab center at all) in Region 5, but she is NOT even listed!!!!!  LMAO!  OMG, she really does take being stupid to a whole new level

Lest we not forget to take note that Dr. Gary Michelson's Found Animal Foundation is up and running in Region 5 taking care of animals in need of attention.  You know Dr. Michelson, the billionaire spinal surgeon who changed the course of medicine; the one Mary Cummins has maliciously and viciously attacked since 2013, posting personal (erroneous) information about Dr. Michelson, his foundations, his wife, his son, his dogs, etc., etc., the same gentleman who FIRED her sorry low-slung butt after less than 2 months employment.   As a lawyer friend said to me, "Cummins crossed the line when she went after Michelson's wife.  It is a man-thing.  Say what you want about me but do NOT say a word about my woman."

Check out Randy Turner's site, he updates it daily from what my robots tell me.  WHACK that Mary Cummins upside her head for going after fine folks because she cannot stand to be in her own company so she spends hours spewing her venom.  However, it is fun to laugh at her and point out ALL of her LIES.  Even her OWN attorney told the courts she lies.  Man, that is bad when your own attorney has to testify for the other side!!  LOL 

See ya' soon fellow humans.....and don't forget to share, share, share.

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