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Mary Cummins Wannabe Wife

Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Animal Advocates, famed liar just keeps giving us more and more.  You know if Mary would just tell the truth ONE time, we could all just sit back and enjoy the phenomenon.  However, it is just not to be.  While Mary continues to state, “There is no way I will ever post anything untrue…..Everything will always be the absolute truth” she cannot find her way beyond her next paragraph where she is caught in that whopping lie about telling the truth. “When I was married or had a boyfriend I never made posts like these.  That would have been inappropriate.”  

Mary Cummins, wannabe wife

All together now – WHACK – upside the bumpkin head because Mary Cummins was NEVER married!!!!  First things first so we will look at the post and then the Deposition document where she stated a ‘different’ truth.

The excerpt below is from just one of the hundreds of blogs by Mary Cummins:

“UPDATE: Alya Michelson Facebook user "Tina Gold" removed her Facebook page April 4, 2014. She also removed her MySpace page with her photos. She has not removed her Twitter page where she posted this.”

Alevtina Gold, Alya Michelson, Alevtina Shchepetina, Gary Michelson, G Karlin Michelson

“Someone asked to see the posts. There is no way I will ever post anything untrue here. Everything will always be the absolute truth. Below are the public posts. Alya Michelson listed Shug as her manager in Japanica. This might have been when Alya was in Russia. She went there with her daughter to show her dad around this time I think, not positive.  If so, maybe she made that comment because she was the one involved? My point is she is obviously attracted to these type of men, young, handsome, straight men. If she had her choice based on age, looks, she would not have chosen Gary Michelson who is over 30 years older than her. Gary Michelson is older than his wife's father.”

(Editorial Note):   Here is a prime example of the utter ridiculousness of Mary Cummins. She “thinks so” but she is “not positive” so let’s just post whatever damaging lies we can about someone to plant the seed in everyone’s mind.  This is brain washing #101.  First you plant the seed then you REPEATEDLY tell someone the lie you want them to believe, then in the final stages of your calculated move to control the individual you show them a benign picture but attach false, misleading and damaging text directly underneath the picture.  It is akin to showing the Gerber baby picture with text stating, “Victim of child abuse, raped, sold as a white slave.”  

That is apparently Mary Cummins’ game plan.  The only good part about this apparently maniacal plan of hers is that it is back-firing big time with the intellectual crowd.  Remember all that nonsense Cummins stated about Amanda Lollar where she tried to convince a court of law that Amanda was guilty of posting online that Mary Katherine Cummins-Cobb was a “911 terrorist”, “whore”, “posted squirrel porn in children’s chat rooms”, etc., etc., only to have a California federal judge state it was Mary Cummins who posted that and there was no proof Amanda Lollar ever posted it particularly when this all appeared prior to 2008 and Mary Cummins admitted she did not meet Amanda Lollar until June of 2010. 

Another excerpt:
Alya Michelson, Gary Michelson, russian, sex
 “Below she posts "you are beautiful" to this Russian man. When I was married or had a boyfriend I never made posts like these. That would have been inappropriate.”

Look at the deposition testimony in Cummins’ own words where she clearly stated she was NEVER married (or we could look at her trial testimony where she stated, “All different men paid for my vacations”).  Talk about ‘inappropriate’!:

Attorney :   Did anybody live at that address with you?
Cummins :   Yes.
Attorney:     Who?
Cummins:    My husband.
Attorney:     What's his name?
Cummins:   ***** **********  (Note:  I redacted it.  I do believe in protecting the innocent)
Attorney:     How do you spell W*********?
Cummins:    W*********.
Attorney:     Are you divorced?
Cummins:    I was never legally married.
Attorney:    Okay. But you call him your husband?
Cummins:    We were married, but it turns out he was married before and never got divorced.
Attorney:     When did you find that out?
Cummins:    After we split.
Attorney:     And so you've lived at your current home address since 2008?
Cummins:    No.

Okay, Mary Cummins wants you to believe she is a proven success and a freedom fighter for Free Speech.  LOL, LMAO!!!  OMG, here is where we all get to laugh endlessly at Scum-dum. Cummins has declared herself INDIGENT as in no house, no car, no assets (no success there).  Oh wait, maybe she means the bought kind of successful where you pay for an award but it is presented to you by the Latino Business Association in LA at a dinner YOU pay for!!!  Maybe she meant she is personally successful.  No, it can’t be that because she is a member of Junior Densa!   and just before the holidays she asked everyone to report her socialite mother for tax evasion (yep, the mother she repeatedly claims is dead). 

It must be an eye opening experience (not in a good way) to be at a Deposition with Mary Cummins.  Whether it is in Deposition or the Courtroom, we must give kudos to the attorneys that are required to examine Mary Cummins.    How does one keep Cummins’ lies straight, grill her and try to keep from laughing out loud all at the same time?   I think her resume is a good place to start.  LOL

Stay safe fellow followers of the tales of an American bi-polar sociopath with paranoid tendencies.  I think her psychologist has his hands full.  Oh wait, Mary Cummins said she has never seen a psychologist and has never said she had.  There is the theory that she has multiple personalities but unfortunately, unlike Sybil, not one of them have any redeeming characteristics.    



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