Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mary Cummins "Animal Rescue" means Show me the Money!

As if it was not bad enough that Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins appears to be amoral, and she pretends to care about animals while secretly (or so she thought) goes about being charged with ANIMAL ABUSE, now a new truth emerges…  Mary Cummins does NOT advocate for the animals of the world. Instead, she uses them to obtain footage for ad revenue, and would only rescue a starving animal from the street if she is forced into it!

Mary Cummins quote:  "The very first video I took of Buddy before I rescued him.  After I came home and posted this video everyone told me I must go back and find him. After Suzann offered to pay his vet bill, I went back, looked all over and finally found him....  “You really need to thank Suzanne the wife of Kenneth Jones Animal Hospital.  Had she not offered to give him veterinary treatment, I WOULD NOT HAVE GONE BACK. I could not afford to neuter, vaccinate, remove growths....and treat everything else he needed.” 


Whoa!  Wait a minute!  The self-proclaimed (dare we say) “animal advocate”  who fancies herself a “whistleblower” and an all knowing and all caring individual has just stated she would NOT have rescued a starving dog from the street if someone did not offer to give him FREE veterinary treatment.  OMG, how does this idiot who is self-charging herself with animal neglect stand being with herself 24 hours a day???

On top of that, can we all say:  “LIAR!, LIAR!  LIAR!!” Did she just post “I could not afford to…”  Mary Cummins is messing up her timeline again but given her diminished mental capacity I guess we have come to expect that from the idiot Cummins.  She only claims she “could not afford” anything since the Bat World judgment against her for$6.1 Million Dollars.  Now she is known as the INDIGENT Mary Cummins but prior to that she claimed she had “a wonderful life”, exotic vacations, motorcycles, etc.  Dummy Cummy also forgets that this poor dog needed assistance in December of 2009 which is the very same year the nasty Mary Cummins snagged $130,000 from the City of Los over trumped up charges of sexual harassment, a claim she made after she was fired for poor performance.  And lest we not forget that Mary Cummins sold her house for over a $500,000 PROFIT that very same year!! So, with at least $630,000 in hand, Mary Cummins is stating she could not afford to rescue this under-nourished, suffering dog?  Boy, that is a new type of ‘animal advocate’ and the animals of the world do not need any more like her.  Good grief she is such a MORON.  Mary Cummins is like an annoying fly that is heady from sitting on excrement all day to the point where she cannot make a rational statement.  No wonder she has become the butt of everyone’s jokes.  I hear a new phrase has emerged on the Internet and instead of mocking someone you just call them a “Mary Cummins” to denote how ridiculously DIM-WITTED they are.  

mary cummins animal cruelty

How does Mary Cummins run a non-profit (albeit a suspended non-profit) and she claims to rescue OVER 1,000 animals per year and yet she openly states she would NOT give sanctuary to a dying dog unless someone forked over free services?  She has posted for several years that she is looking for land for her “new” facility and “I am the largest donor to Animal Advocates” yet she cannot afford to rescue a suffering, sick  dog off of the dangerous streets and take it to a no kill shelter or give it refuge until it is positioned with a Pit Bull Rescue group??????  In 2010 she gave $10,000 to Animal Advocates so given her claims now it would appear to be some kind of laundering of money if you go from ‘donating’ $10K at the conclusion of 2009 and you had over $630,000 in cash from a bogus sexual harassment lawsuit settlement and sale of your house and you now claim you “could not afford” to care for a poor starving dog in the street????  What about the fact Mary Cummins claims that Jennifer Conrad, DVM is “my very close girlfriend” so how come Jennifer Conrad, DVM (a veterinarian) cannot give Mary Cummins free care for a starving dog???  Lover’s quarrel, perhaps?  Whatever the reason they had it sorted out by September/October of 2010 when Jennifer Conrad, DVM, was identified by Mary Cummins during her court-ordered deposition as being the person who paid for ‘their’ trip to Spain.  Does Jennifer Conrad use animals for notoriety the same way that the dreaded Mary Cummins does? Cummins takes multiple pictures and videos of herself grabbing animals around their necks as they are screaming in fear and/or dying, then uploads the images to get advertising money.  One more point, how come indigent Mary Cummins can pay $50 to “buy” a wild animal from a "criminal" (as she recently posted), which is illegal, yet when she is flush with money she cannot help an anguished dog?  Most people would say Mary Cummins is at the very least a liar and at the worst a dog hater.

This revelation, after years of taking credit for rescuing “Buddy the Pitbull from the streets of LA on Christmas  Day”, is a totally new LOW for the malignant Mary Cummins.  


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