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Well, well, well mentally unbalanced Los Angeles Cummins Real Estate Appraiser, Mary Cummins, is at it again.  For those of you who want a definitive read of the cyber stalking activities of Mary Cummins, here is an animal rights attorney’s summary on the infamous moron.   

Never mind that there is a valid court order in effect for Mary Cummins to stop her harassment of Amanda Lollar , the crass Ms. Cummins owes the internationally renowned bat expert, Amanda Lollar, nearly $7 MILLION DOLLARS, and the Palo Pinto County police have issued a terroristic threat police report against Mary Cummins because she has boldly stated that the LAPD told her to shoot Amanda Lollar!   It appears our courts are financially strapped if they allow Mary Cummins to continue her malicious defamation against innocent people much longer because it is apparent to so many who have followed this story that the next headline needs to read Mary Cummins JAILED.

I still think she is going for an insanity plea.  At any rate, The general opinion amongst the masses is that she needs to be jailed but since that is not an option at the moment, let’s have some fun. The financially illiterate Mary Cummins needs to be reminded that her attack against innocent people will not be tolerated so we will relieve our annoyance with some good ole Whack-a-Mmmary.

Mary Cummins latest malicious smear of the 2 time Indianapolis prize nominee, Amanda Lollar, has not escaped our little soldiers, nor will anything else she does. 

Mary Cummins:  “When I see injustice or violations of law I investigate then report it. I have done this quite a few times. I investigated Ashton Technology and reported them for securities fraud. In retaliation I was sued for defamation, represented myself pro se and won. I investigated and reported Kathy KnightMcConnell for securities fraud. In retaliation she sued me for deep linking, trademark law and lost money. I represented myself and all causes were dismissed as it was meritless. 

WHACK!  Seriously?  Yet another example of Mary Cummins demonstrating she has no problem lying and perjuring herself. Mary Cummins did NOT win the Ashton Technology and Kathy Knight-McConnell cases because they lacked merit or because of Mary Cummins legal prowess, the cases were DISMISSED because Internet Defamation was at its infancy when those cases were heard and the states in which they were filed lacked jurisdiction over Mary Cummins who did not reside in either Pennsylvania or New York.  In other words Mary Cummins got lucky big time because when a court for legal reasons does not have authority over the parties to a case or the subject matter of the case, it is deemed to have a lack of jurisdiction. A court which lacks jurisdiction cannot hear the case or render any decision about it.  This made Mary Cummins heady with power and so she thought she could continue destroying people’s lives because she could always respond with a Motion for Dismissal based on Lack of Jurisdiction.  She never heard of the “long arm of the law” and she particularly never heard of Texas’s long arm of the law which for all intent and purposes has cost her the rest of her miserable life.  That $6 Million Dollar judgment will be on her credit report for eternity or until she pays it but that interest has added nearly another Million to the total. WHACK! again because she is that stupid!!! 

mary cummins stupid dipshit

Mary Cummins:  “I reported Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary for…. many other violations. She was investigated. Violations were found. She lost her USDA permit. In retaliation she sued me for defamation. We are in appeal but I should win.” 

Oh Geez just WHACK her 3 times for that.  There were NEVER any violations found at Bat World Sanctuary.  In fact, on the same link I just gave you, you will see at the bottom of all the reports that Texas Parks and Wildlife senior counsel told Mary Cummins to CEASE and DESIST from reporting Amanda Lollar to them because they will not tolerate her constant harassment.  (I told you she deserved 3 WHACKS for that!)  AND Amanda Lollar did NOT lose her USDA permit.  She simply no longer needed the permit so she cancelled it.  It is all in the court documents and trial testimony.  See the problem here is that Mary Cummins would NEVER sacrifice for an animal so she does not understand what drives Amanda Lollar and the fact that Bat World Sanctuary is a 501C3, all volunteer non-profit organization so you do not spend money on licensing you do not need, unlike Mary Cummins who has a USDA license “for the hell of it”. 

Mary Cummins:  “In retaliation for me reporting Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary to the authorities she has led a three year war against me. She stalks, threatens, harasses, defames me. She tried to break into my bank accounts pretending to be me. She paid a man to trespass and hit me. She paid another man to bang on my house, try to break in, look for an extra house key, rummage through my trash, trespass onto my property and try to open windows and doors. Amanda Lollar does everything she can to harass me. She doesn't have a job, gets no salary. All she does all day long is harass me.” 

OMG, I should have put a “do not drink anything when you read this” warning before I let you read that ridiculous attempt of Mary Cummins to redeem herself for how badly she screwed up her pathetic life!  Why would Amanda Lollar have to “lead a 3 year war against” Mary Cummins?  Amanda Lollar has taken the professional legal route.  She sued Mary Cummins and after a 4 day trial in Texas Amanda was awarded a $6.1 Million Dollar judgment PLUS interest at the rate of $25,000 per month which was turned into a sister state judgment for collection in the state of California where Cummins resides.  The sheriff can seize and sell anything she owns at auction.  Dumbin Cummins states she is being stalked, threatened, harassed and defamed not to mention that she was assaulted and there are people rummaging through her trash, trespassing and more!  ROTFWL  If there were any truth to this at all, why weren’t the police called?  Plus she claims Amanda does not have a job.  Amanda runs the world’s largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world.  It is the IDIOT Scummins who claims to not have a job and states no one will hire her.  WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! 
Mary Cummins:  “For the last year she has supported every evil person that I have reported to authorities or exposed to the public. She is even supporting people she thinks I reported or exposed. Amanda Lollar basically just throws a lot of evil hate around because she is severely, mentally ill. The LAPD stated she was "mentally ill" and "dangerous." 

Oh, would that be the same LAPD who she claims told her to “shoot Amanda Lollar”?   WHACK!
"I have taken the advanced gun class!"

And lest we forget,  here is an email from the HEAD of the USDA, Dr. Robert Gibbens, which exonerates Amanda Lollar completely and shows Mary Cummins for the liar she isWHACK!  

Mary Cummins:  “I am a wildlife rehabilitator with many years of experience. I'd been rehabbing bats for years before I ever went to Bat World Sanctuary. I interned at Bat World Sanctuary June 2010. I thought I would learn advance bat care. Instead I merely fed babies and cleaned from 7:00 a.m. to past midnight every night.” 

OMG, she is claiming she had been rehabbing bats for years before she ever went to Bat World.  Well, excuse me but when Scum-dum was askedin deposition to name one bat species she could not do it, and instead combined 2 different species to make a new species that doesn't even exist!  And remember this is the same woman who abused a squirrel with no eyeballs

Mary Cummins believes she is seeing people rummaging through her garbage (she must have watched an episode of Shameless), while other people strike her (if only) and others who are drilling into her bank accounts, and still others are trying to open her windows and doors.  How many hours do you think Mary Cummins spends boarded up in her “shack” while the evilness of her ways are apparently haunting her into thinking the aforementioned actually happened?  I told you she needed meds.


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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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