Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mary Cummins, DIPSHIDIOT

Hold the phone, stop the presses…..The Idiot Mary Cummins has decided to offer yet another example of her ignorance. The financially illiterate, indigent garbage dumpster baby, who has accomplished nothing of significance in her life outside of being a crass act, the supposed most hated woman on the Internet, who will never have anything thinks she is insulting the world renowned Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary by stating she does not have a GED!!!  If this were true (but since it is a statement from Mary Cummins we already know it is a lie), how does she not realize that she has just complimented Amanda Lollar by making that statement?   

Mary Cummins, aka "the roach," a self-proclaimed dumpster baby
Amanda Lollar, author, lecturer, bat expert, founder of the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is exclusively dedicated to bats, 2 time Indianapolis Prize Nominee, who has been featured on the David Letterman Show (amongst a list of other notable accomplishments), and the idiot Cummins  insists on spending days on end in court rooms with Lollar while she proclaims her hatred for Lollar, yet she holds Lollar in the highest esteem.  Cummins has just given Amanda Lollar the greatest of all compliments and put her in the class of Walt Disney, Sir Richard Branson and some of the most talented and gifted people of our time who never graduated high school.  I wonder how it feels to Mary Cummins to have it pointed out to her that she has clothed Lollar in the drape of the most gifted? 

“I have Amanda Lollar's social security number, date of birth, copy of her driver's license all obtained legally. I could post it like she did with me but I won't. I searched Texas GED records online, on the phone and via the mail just to be sure. Amanda Lollar does not have a GED! She said she got her GED at the age of 15 as if to brag that she's super smart. No, she's not smart at all. She's totally uneducated. You have to be 18 to take the test. There is something very wrong with Amanda Lollar to not get a GED. I think my cats could probably all get a GED. That is how easy the test is."

Oh Lord, give me the strength to stop laughing.  The idiot Cummins could not have given a greater tribute to Amanda Lollar than to state, “She has not gone past the 8th grade; she is uneducated.”   Now let’s be fair and look at a comparative list before we vote:



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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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