Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mary Cummins, Digging Her Own Grave

Aw, did you see where Mary Cummins, Queen of impropriety  attacked another trial witness along with the Director of Special Projects for Bat World Sanctuary?  Good grief, Cummins is digging that hole so deep that she will never get out as long as her mouth keeps working.

Mary Cummins just keeps digging.
On a personal level, I find the intricacy of Mary Cummins' stupidity fascinating.  Perhaps all the kale Cummins eats is going to her fried brain.  I guess that is the side effect of realizing she bit off more than she can chew.  It makes you wonder how Mary Cummins is still breathing air on this planet of ours.  After serving two members of Bat World's Board of Directors with her frivolous lawsuit, she actually stated “I totally by accident seemed to have tricked them.”  The idiot Cummins is gleeful because she is too stupid to see what is happening here.  Here is the heading for her new blog about the service:

 Dorothy Hyatt, Kate Rugroden has AGAIN been served with a lawsuit from me.

OMG, does she not remember what the judge said?  The Honorable Judge told her he would give her one more attempt at service to the board members for Bat World Sanctuary that she is suing simply because they support the work done at the sanctuary.  I think he said something like, “Because you are a pro-se (meaning she stupidly represents herself), I will give you one more chance (making it 3-4 total) to serve them.  If they choose to avoid service (which they have not in the past), the case will be dismissed.”  And do you want to hear something even better?  I heard through the grapevine that the process server left a note at each one of the residences and both Dottie Hyatt and Kate Rugroden, in a professional manner, phoned the man to set up an appointment time to receive Scum-dumb Cummins ridiculous “bump on my head” lawsuit. Is that how she totally by accident seemed to have tricked them?!  Now why do you suppose they did that? Uh-huh, there is a very well worked out plan going on here. The defendants phoned the process server and said “Here I am come and serve me.”  Likely because their attorney’s have something devised for Scummins!

The idiot Mary Cummins is going up against 4 federal court attorneys in this case, a case where she waited the last minute to file a lawsuit that in essence states she is too stupid to watch where she is sticking that big empty head.

All of these attorneys are gleefully yanking the chain of the mentally impaired Cummins who has yet to figure out who she should be going after.  I am telling you folks, use vacation days if you have to but do not miss this trial.  I feel it will be the experience of a lifetime.  I was told by a friend in the court system in Ft. Worth that even lawyers outside the case who stop by to file paperwork are asking if a trial date has been set yet for this one.  LOL. 

Cummins posted on March 12, 2014 "I filed an inability to serve asking the judge to have the clerk serve them by mail or alternate service or to accept previous service. My process server told me they'd tried to serve once but they wouldn't answer the door. I paid for four attempts. I thought I should get my emergency motion in well before the service due date.” 

See, here’s the thing, you are not allowed to “get my emergency motion in well before the service date”.  Judge’s hate this because you are not playing by the rules and you are attempting to take control of the judge’s own court.  The grapevine has it that the clerks in the court were laughing because they see Scummins for the idiot she is and they see the legal maneuver being used by opposing counsel! 

Cummins:  “After I filed this evil, lying Dorothy Hyatt and Kate Rugroden thought they were free and clear. Someone rang their bell and they answered the door and were served, yet again. Finally. I have never met more evil or vile people in my life.”

 If the idiot Cummins was telling the truth and she has never met “more evil or vile people in my life” then hold onto the reigns, Nelly, because this is about to get good.   My sister is a producer so once my curiosity was peaked, after I realized what a liar Mary Cummins is, I took my blogs out of chronological order and coordinated them by events (sounds like it is the same but trust me it is not) because as you learn of events from years ago you then need to link it to a motion or action that is current.  In so doing, the block buster story does not merely emerge but it jumps out at you as the fragility of Cummins persona materializes along with the “bad seed” of who she is.  This is not just a case of a “disgruntled intern” but a clear pattern of a mentally unbalanced, public figure wannabe drone who was lucky enough to have “Nanna” teach her the ropes in the real estate business.  I have uncovered at least 2 of the men who taught her the other skills for which she is known, but when you read, “I went to a tantric sex clinic this weekend. Ow, my ass hurts.”  You realize there are some things Mary Cummins sought out and practiced on her own.

Did you see where Hyatt and Rugroden live?  There is no way in hell that someone could ‘catch them off guard’ plus there is the testimony of the process server himself who thanked the ladies for the easiest service he has ever had.  See, there are the differences between well educated, professional people like Rugroden and Hyatt; they set an appointment to receive the papers and then Dummy Cummins is saying she “caught them.”  You want to know who avoided service over 30 times but then was caught with balloons in her hands at a political event? Don’t ask, just click here.

Scummins is so outmatched it is not even funny!  I swear to you, this is a team I would not want to go up against.  When professionals donate their valuable time; they do not do so to lose.  They are in it to win it.  I am actually getting giggly waiting to see what they have in store for Mary Cummins and her lumpy falsies


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