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Men in White Coats May be Going to Pick Up Mary Cummins

Men in White Coats May be Going to Pick Up Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals

mary cummins


According to reports, Mary Cummins disturbing behavior is escalating. Despite the fact that Mary Cummins is under orders to CEASE and DESIST from having direct contact with anyone associated with Bat World Sanctuary, her worrisome actions continue.  Mary Cummins desperate activities include troubling emails, open letters on the Internet, posts on Bat World Sanctuary pages, proposed acts of violence and more!  

Mary Cummins uses various names (as per her testimony in a court ordered deposition), including “Anonymous”, “MMMary”, MMMaryinLA”, “Maryqueenofscoots”, “Maria Rivera” and others.  Most recently she has taken to using "Turner" as her last name. “Turner” is the last name of ***Randy Turner, the Animal Rights attorney who volunteers his services to Bat World Sanctuary.  He is also the man who obtained in excess of a $6 MILLION DOLLAR judgment against Mary Cummins for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation” of  **Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.  Since that time Mary Cummins has relentlessly stalked Mr. Turner.

All of Mary Cummins activities are being ‘observed’ and documented for her upcoming court appearance.  A judge in Palo Pinto County, where the renowned Bat World Sanctuary facility resides, is working with law enforcement concerning Mary Cummins continued harassment and death threats against Amanda Lollar, the Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary.  Meanwhile police in the cities where Bat World associates such as Mr. Turner, Bat World Sanctuary board members, veterinarians and volunteers reside are now coordinating all reports filed against Mary Cummins.  Amongst them is a Terroristic Threat police report! 

Authorities and government agencies have all been made aware of the fact that Mary Cummins was charged with animal cruelty and animal neglect which included the abuse of a squirrel with no eyeballs and sexual references to animals which included bestiality.  Additionally, Mary Cummins herself has admitted that for years she has been identified with being a “911 Terrorist”, “posting squirrel porn in children’s chat rooms,”, “a convicted criminal”, “cyberstalker”, “convicted of credit card fraud”, “donor fraud” and more. 

NOTE:  section 1054A is internal Department code for “You LIED.”  In addition in a Letter of Reprimand sent to her by a top veterinarian with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife service, Mary Cummins was told if she did not correct her actions, “The Department will revoke your Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit.” 

At one point Mary Cummins tried to drag Ady Gil, the billionaire philanthropist, into her web of deceit and defamation.  Amongst her current victims are Dr. Gary Michelson of the Found Animals Foundation and even her own mother, multi-millionaire Juliette Sponsel of Santa Barbara society.  Despite the fact Mr. Gil denounced Mary Cummins in a “confidential” email that was recently published on the Internet; Mary Cummins insists Mr. Gil is a liar (and a friend) which is further proof of her diminishing mentalstate.  

Mary Cummins utterly maniacal behavior also includes stating in print that the “Los Angeles Police Department told me to shoot Amanda Lollar.”  Mary Cummins psychotic babbling is believed to be the reason she is under psychiatric care.  Her delusional mental state makes her “a danger” according to a famed criminal attorney in Ft. Worth, Texas.  See page 10 of 17 of this link where she tried to file a Temporary Restraining Order against Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google!  She also attempted to do this to Amanda Lollar as well but the Order was DENIED and Cummins was sanctioned to pay Lollar’s attorney fees in the amount of $6,250.  

**Amanda Lollar is a celebrated bat expert, author of both scientific and popular literature and Ms. Lollar is a two time nominee for the Indianapolis Prize (the Lilly Medal), the most prestigious award in the world for animal care and conservation.

***Randy Turner is a prominent personal injury trial lawyer and animal rights attorney.  Mr. Turner has argued before the District, Circuit, Appellate and Supreme courts.  He is considered a “Texas Super Lawyer” as well as being selected as a “Top Attorney” by Ft. Worth Magazine.  He is board certified and AV Pre-eminent (the highest rating) by Hubble Peer Review. In his 33 years of practice, Mr. Turner has NEVER lost an animal rights case.



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