Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mary Cummins Tries to Play the Victim While She Attacks Innocent People

Mary Cummins started off the holiday season all by her lonesome by posting complete and utter hateful lies about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary on their Great NonProfits (GNP) page in various "anonymous" user names. Mary Cummins was reported and her posts were deleted (according to sources with GNP).  Mary Cummins again attacked Lollar on the Bat World Sanctuary Greatnonprofits page and posted three more totally false posts. She also posted defamation about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary on HER GreatNonProfits page, Animal Advocates (Animal Advocates Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - a SUSPENDED corporation. 
Mary Cummins then makes several more posts on her own page with links to crazy, defamatory, disgusting blogs she made about Lollar. Those posts were again anonymous. Great Non Profits revealed it was Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates who made the posts. Mary Cummins then sends a demand letter to Great NonProfits to have her post reinstated.  Great Nonprofits refused.  Amanda Lollar apparently not only posted to her Bat World Sanctuary FB page that she wanted the Bat World Sanctuary site on GNP removed to prevent Mary Cummins from posting on it, but she contacted Great Nonprofits on 3 separate occasions requesting same.  This is something Mary Cummins did not know when she began to post that Great Nonprofits removed the Bat World Sanctuary page unbeknownst to Amanda Lollar!  MaryCummins is dangerously obsessed with Amanda Lollar. 
Great NonProfits who expressed they did not want Bat World to withdraw from their site offered to remove the Animal Advocates page which was clearly in violation of their TOS.  After the original post Mary Cummins made to the Bat World Sanctuary page on Great Nonprofits, Great Nonprofits took a look at the Animal Advocates page and within an hour one could watch the fake positive reviews Mary Cummins wrote about herself on her page, dwindle from 72 to 69 to 64 to 57 to 46….until it rested at a mere 24 posts that were identified as legitimate.  At the time Lollar requested they BAN Mary Cummins from the Bat World page, Animal Advocates was down to 24 posts yet 2 days later when Lollar insisted the Bat World page be removed, Bat World still had its 289 legitimate reviews!!!!!  Only Mary Cummins disgusting posts were removed!  That, friends, is what they call a slam dunk for Amanda Lollar. 
Mary Cummins is mentally ill.  Mary Cummins has testified to the courts, “I have gone to a psychologist because of these problems.”  Great Nonprofits said they are temporarily hiding Bat World Sanctuary’s profile.  Animal Advocates, Animal Advocates Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had their account TERMINATED.  See page 10 of17 of this link.
Mary Cummins is considered a threat to society and police issued a terroristic threat police report against her. 
The next day Mary Cummins stated SHE asked Greatnonprofits to delete her account. That's not what the correspondence or the verbal communications show. Mary Cummins account was DELETED before she lied and said that she asked for it to be deleted. Mary Cummins is the one who started this latest war by attacking Bat World Sanctuary over the Christmas holiday.  Mary Cummins makes many "anonymous" defamatory posts about innocent people. If Mary Cummins didn't want the truth told about her in posts, she should have never attacked innocent people on Great NonProfits website. 

GNP Support    
10:18 AM (5 hours ago)      

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for raising your concern. The nonprofit profile for Animal Advocates had been closed.


GreatNonprofits Support
I guess Mary Cummins thought she would get away with defaming the renowned Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary on GreatNonProfits because everybody would be involved with festivities while she lurked around in her “shack” in the Glen. 
I am sure everyone connected with Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary are laughing out loud at the crazed Mary Cummins and they are just letting her hang herself good and dead. Then they will pounce and we can all enjoy it.  Remember this is the same Mary Cummins who accused Lollar of the capital crime ofmurder.  A malicious accusation that carries jail time.  It is against the law to accuse an innocent person (or associate them with) a venereal disease, a capital crime such as murder, etc. The IDIOT Cummins did not read far enough down in the law books. It does not matter whether someone is a public figure or not, it is not allowed under any circumstances.  
So many have wondered why Mary Cummins is so hateful.  This link might explain why Mary Cummins behavior is so vile.  Apparently time has not been kind to her but they always say beauty begins within and hatred will ruin a person’s looks. 

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