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Mary Cummins Takes Dim-Witted to a New Level

What happened to Freedom of Speech?  Remember it is Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Cummins Real Estate Services who is constantly bellowing, “I believe in Freedom of Speech”, “I am a whistleblower and anything I say is protected by Freedom of Speech.”  “No one can tell you what not to post in the future, that is PRIOR RESTRAINT and that is illegal!”  Well, in typical Scum-Dum Cummins fashion, Mary Cummins is wielding a double edged sword.  Apparently she believes in hiding behind the ‘Freedom of Speech’ guise to defame and libel others.  However, when the truth is told about Cummins on the Internet she wants the courts to institute prior restraint for everyone except Mary Cummins!  LOL.  No matter how hard one may try to laugh with Mary Cummins, because of her stupidity we all always wind up laughing AT the Dunce

Here is a look at Scum-Dum Cummins latest maniacal rant:
“Amanda Lollar to be disqualified from fake nomination to Indianapolis prize because she lied.  The Indianapolis Prize was notified that Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary lied in her nomination for the prize. She will soon be disqualified. She does NOT have the largest bat rehabilitation facility in the world. She did NOT create the first nutritionally sound diet for bats....  They will soon take her name off the list. They have been notified that she did not go past the eighth grade and everything she's said is a total fabrication."

That is rich!  The Indianapolis Prize people received ‘notice’ from the celebrated LIAR, Mary Cummins.  What possible difference could that make?  Does Scummins seriously believe the Indy people were not made aware of her actions against Lollar?  Or, that the Indy folks do not vet all of the nominees?  Cummins is such a fool.  What she is stating is akin to a wannabe actor, who is a total failure, contacting the Academy Award people to tell them, “Leonardo DiCaprio is a fraud; he has not accomplished all that you think he has even though you have hard proof that he did.”

You have to admit that Cummins ignorance and illusion that she has any power at all is truly staggering.
OMG, Cummins better get back to paying the psychologist she sees.  (See page 10 of 17 of the document entitled, Mary Cummins v Eric Schmidt).  I am still reeling at the thought that Scummins is so stupid that she cannot even comprehend that the Indy Prize people were not forewarned about her vicious attacks against Amanda Lollar, for example, that a look at this preemptive strike letter.  I feel certain that the Indy people see Mary Cummins for what she is; a mentally unbalanced woman with an axe to grind since she owes Amanda Lollar over $6 MILLION dollars for defaming the renowned bat expert.  Plus, a billionaire philanthropist has sided with Lollar, a foremost animal rights attorney works pro bono for Lollar, another billionaire supports Lollar and Mary Cummins own mother wants nothing to do with her.  Then there is the billionaire doctor who has become another one of Scummins victims.  What is Dr. Gary Michelson’s sin?  He saw Mary Cummins for the loser she is.  One of Dr. Michelson’s foundations hired Scum-dum Cummins back in 2008 but after a mere few weeks he fired Cummins for “poor performance”.  Talk about sour grapes!  Scummins is harboring a 6 year grudge against the man who revolutionized back surgery and has saved thousands of animals’ lives.  Mary Cummins is beyond ridiculous because she is wrapped up in that world of delusion she has created for herself.  From what I can see and what I have heard, the victims of Mary Cummins are all in contact with one another.  Geez, Mary Cummins really does not have a clue.  She has driven the accomplished, the caring, the true animal lovers, the rich and the influential right to Lollar’s door. 

Cummins is so far out of touch with reality that I doubt she can make the trip back.  However, I also believe Cummins is basically dense and unable to process even the simplest of truths.  How is it possible that she does not recognize that the courts will be forced to lower the boom onto her scraggly, balding head for her continued attacks on Lollar?  The idiot contacts organizations with whom Lollar works.  She contacts the grant people who have supported Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary in the past all in an effort to defame Lollar.  Good grief she has accused Lollar of the most horrific of actions against animals, she has called her a “murderer” (capital crime) and she has repeatedly stated that “Lollar did not complete grammar school”.  Cummins has proven she can take being dim-witted to a whole new level. 

According to the law, you cannot hide behind the Freedom of Speech banner to attack and defame your victims. Legally you cannot affect the income of an organization unless you have proof of your accusations; otherwise your ‘Freedom of Speech’ claims are nullified by the courts because you proceeded with your malicious attacks despite being shown the truth.   There are dozens of sites that have graced the Internet for years that provide proof that everything Mary Cummins stated about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary are FALSE yet she continues to spread her malevolent lies.   Trust me on this, fellow humans, Mary Cummins in her feverish attempt to harm Lollar has broken with the reality of her situation.  She is ruined.  It is just a matter of time now.

Once the courts rendered the decision (after a 4 day trial) in favor of Lollar and ordered  Scummins to pay $6.1 Million Dollars for her egregious actions against Lollar, Scummins was foolish to continue her attack on Lollar.   Then there was the email from animal activist, Ady Gil, that appeared on the Internet renouncing Mary Cummins for trying to associate him with Cummins attack on Amanda Lollar.   Dummy Scummy is too ignorant to realize that once that original email was posted and she confirmed that she had read it, she knew she was defaming Lollar further.

Mary Cummins can no longer claim she was “unaware” what she posted is defamatory or falls into the category of ‘Freedom of Speech’ nor can she claim there “was no information to the contrary”.  Her deliberate actions caused Amanda Lollar undo stress and financially affected Bat World Sanctuary.  Translation:  Mary Cummins is going down!  And let us not forget Scummins made false reports and then FOIA’d the USDA and Robert Gibbens, the head veterinarian (Laurie Gage’s boss), clearly stated there were no violations found at Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar is NOT in violation of any AWA (Animal Welfare Act) mandates.  Furthermore he referenced the altered video on which Laurie Gage, DVM, based her original remarks which were recanted at a later date

Man this is going to be entertaining.  I hope they have cameras in the courtroom so we all can enjoy the destruction of a ‘cyber monster’ or should we just call her by the name she so earnestly pursues and that which definitely describes her, ‘Scum-Dummy Cummins’ aka ‘the Roach’.


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