Friday, January 17, 2014

Mary Cummins Receives Award for STUPIDITY

Some days you just want to scream – “ENOUGH!  I cannot read this inane dribble of Mary Cummins any longer.”  Let’s face it, folks, although laughing AT Mary Cummins has become somewhat of a past time for many the stuff she writes is ridiculous and becomes boring after a while.  Soooo we will have to jazz it up a bit with our own clever observations about Mary Cummins’ IGNORANCE

Just to entertain ourselves, we will use Mary Cummins’ exact post and each time she makes a fool of herself, we will put a dunce cap on her ugly head. 

Mary Cummins: “Amanda Lollar keeps making new fake Facebook user names so she can contact me and post on my pages. Why? I don't post on her page, email her, contact her, send people to her home, pay people to follow her or videotape her like she does with me.” 

Sorry Dum-Dum Scum you have already been ‘outed’ on that one!  Is Mary Cummins that mentally impaired that she does not remember that there are volumes of proof that SHE is the one who makes fake Facebook user names, SHE is the one who writes ‘open letters’ to Bat World people and emails them directly despite being involved in active lawsuits with them, SHE is the one who has been told repeatedly by attorneys to stop contacting their clients directly, etc.   We should write to Amanda Lollar’s attorneys and ask them to forward all of the letters they have sent to Mary Cummins instructing her not to contact their clients directly.  I remember seeing a post about it on Randy Turner’s page.  I understand there are several attorneys involved now – 5 or 6 in Texas and another 3-4 in California for Amanda Lollar, her board of Directors and others involved plus Dr. Gary Michelson’s attorney’s-there are, I believe, 3 of them.  Even Texas Parks and Wildlife has sent the Dummy Mary Cummins a Cease and Desist.  Okay, this one gets the dunce cap for sure for obvious reasons but also because Dummy Cummy just announced to the world that “her home” is the same place that she has repeatedly denied was her home thinking people would believe the “animals” in her “care” are there but not her.  IDIOT.  In case you want to do a Google search and see her PT Cruiser in the driveway take a stroll down N. Beverly Glen Blvd. in Los Angeles.  By the look of things at “the 700 sq ft shack” (as she refers to it) she manufactures garbage. Hint:  I would not go past the 800 block. 

Mary Cummins:  “Why is she so obsessed with me? She calls me fat yet I weight less than her. She calls me wrinkly yet I'm a decade younger than her. She calls me uneducated when I went to college on a scholarship, did some grad school and she dropped out of elementary school.”  NOTE:  Did she just say she ‘weight’ less than Amanda Lollar instead of weigh? I have to address that next. IDIOT.

OMG, if the fool Cummins wants to believe Lollar is obsessed with her, I cannot speak for Lollar, but I damn well guarantee if anybody owed me over $6 MILLION DOLLARS I would surely “be obsessed” with them until I got my money.   However, by all accounts, Lollar could care less what Scummy Cummy has to say.  Hell, I am constantly reading how Dummy Scummy is merely a playing piece on the board of life for Lollar and friends to STOMP on (simply because she deserves it).  And that is a healthy attitude.  But wait, of course Scummins would turn this around and project onto Lollar what she herself is doing because Mary Cummins has admitted she is under professional care by a psychologist.  Check out page 10 of 17.  The MORON Mary Cummins claims she is cracking teeth from “my problems”.  LOL.  Odd that in her court ordered deposition she claims to never have seen a mental health professional. Plus, Lollar, despite her extremely long days from running a world class operation, has taken the time to help others by creating the STAND UP TO CYBERSTALKERS page. Great stuff and so many people are claiming the page has helped them so much that they are beating their stalkers!  Cool.

Mary Cummins:  “She calls me fat yet I weight less than her.”

Editorial Note:  Excuse me?   Take a look at pictures of Dumb-Scum Cummins at one of her process services.     Cummins is not obese but she looks a bit chunky to me.  And here is another for good measure.  Now look at Amanda when she was the same age as Scummins was in the videos above. That is apples to apples ladies and gentlemen of the 2 women (and I use the term loosely as it pertains to Cummins since she loves to repeat on the Internet and in court that many associate her with being a biological male).  This is an apples to apples comparison because they were the exact same age. 

Mary Cummins:  “She calls me wrinkly yet I'm a decade younger than her.”
Editorial Note:  Whoa Nelly if that is what a decade younger looks like I do not want any part of it!!!

Mary Cummins:   “She calls me uneducated when I went to college on a scholarship, did some grad school and she dropped out of elementary school.” 

Editorial Note:  ROTFWL.  She is such an IDIOT.  I gave her credit for having an IQ of 50 but apparently it is far less.  She forgets anyone can check on her “education” and it is abysmal.  So this IDIOT wants us to believe that before the age of 19 she went to college and grad school and at the age of 16 she claims she was an EMT but yet by the age of 47 after being in the same business in the same town with all of her “wealthy friends” she is INDIGENT, lives in a “rented shack”, does not own a car, has never had any children or a husband, attends “tantric sex clinics” until “my ass hurts” (God knows what she did with her ass while she was there), cannot get an attorney, any attorney to rep her unless she pays them (and even then they quit), claims billionaire friends like Ady Gil (but calls him a LIAR), and just for good measure she was DENIED a wildlife educational permit and was reprimanded by California Department of Fish and Game!!!

Just to be fair, let’s look at Amanda Lollar.  Lollar left high school (not elementary school as the idiot Cummins keeps claiming) at the age of 16 in order to help care for a member of her family.  Lollar studied and absorbed veterinary and medical books on her own to learn as much as possible and then applied her knowledge to bats eventually establishing her as one of the foremost authorities on bats.  Lollar has personally trained over 400 zoologists, biologists, veterinarians, conservation scientists and other animal care professionals from EVERY bat inhabited continent in the world including China, Australia, South America, Africa, etc.  She has built the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated to bats.  She raised the funds to break ground on a new Bat World Sanctuary tripling its size.   She has pro bono representation by one of the foremost animal rights attorneys in the country, Randy Turner.   Lollar is a 2 time nominee of the Indianapolis Prize, the most coveted award (the Lilly Medal) in the world of animals.  She is an “Eagle Rare Life” nominee, finalist in the Animal Planet Hero of the Year Award, Recipient of the Doris Day Kindred Spirit Award.  Lollar has appeared on Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, David Letterman, the Early Show and more.  She has authored over 7 books.  Geez, I will be here all night if I continue but I think we have a decent representation of the comparison.  So, friends, which one would you want to be when you grow up?  Not the FAILED Mary Cummins, that's for sure.


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