Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mary Cummins is Financially Illiterate

Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals – Run by Mary Cummins who is Financially Illiterate!!!

Mary Cummins has declared many times that she is INDIGENT and at the age of 47 she owns nothing – no home, no car, no solvent business, no art – “Nothing but my clothes and necessities.”  

STOP THE PRESSES because not only is Mary Cummins INDIGENT and looking to be a drain on the state of California, as she stated she applied for Medi-CAL assistance, but Mary Cummins has admitted to being FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE, i.e. unable to run a productive business and apparently unable to find work due to her inadequacies and lack of skill set.  There is no shame in accepting assistance when you truly need it but Mary Cummins has repeatedly stated that she is “self-employed”, “I donated my car” and stated that she “gave away” approximately $13 Million dollars that was the basis of a lawsuit where Mary Cummins’ mother and sister sued her over the money they felt sheembezzled from her dying grandmother, a devote Catholic woman of Mexican origin.  That does not sound like someone who should be looking for Medi-CAL.  As it turns out, the bulk of the fortune was returned to Mom and Sis and they gave Mary Cummins $55,000 or so to placate her wounds.

So why would anyone consider Cummins Real Estate Services and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals when needing an appraiser in the southern California area?  I don’t know about you but I want SUCCESSFUL people appraising my home who know the value of things; people who know how to manage money.  Do you know what happens when you cannot manage money?  That’s right; you are labeled a FINANCIAL ILLITERATE.  Mary Cummins has stated she has been self employed for over 28 years.  Twenty-eight years in the same business (real estate/appraisals), in the same town and you do not have a good reputation to sustain you or connections or sense to have a financial cushion to the point where you are declared INDIGENT? 

According to Mary Cummins she realized over a $500,000 profit in the sale of her home in 2009 which was the same year that the City of Los Angeles settled a $130,000 judgment on her in a sexual harassment lawsuit.  Mind you Mary Cummins has never gone through an expensive divorce (or any divorce for that matter) since she has never been married.  She has never had the expense of raising any children.  She never completed her education so she did not have that expense and her family has not spoken or had anything to do with her in over 20 years (as Mary herself told a court of law).  As a matter of fact, Mary Cummins has been known to post on the Internet that her mother is dead and she never knew her father (also presumed dead).  These are blatant lies as she just recently was posting on the Internet offering people information to turn her aged mother into the IRS for tax fraud and her father is very active on Facebook.  Cummins even used her professional website to make the claim!  

Mary Cummins affirmed to a California court that she is 2 months in arrears on her rent with no means of being able to pay it.  Since Mary Cummins claims to still be taking in injured and orphaned wildlife that can only mean Mary Cummins is a HOARDER who is incapable of comprehending the gravity of her situation as she sits at her computer making nonsensical posts about animals in her care!  If Mary Cummins cannot afford a roof over her head how can she provide for those poor, dependent animals?  Sources say that Mary Cummins is under scrutiny by California Department of Fish and Wildlife since she has already been reprimanded for animal abuse and animal neglect.  A recent report also indicated the same is true for the Attorney General of California since Mary Cummins has been reported for donor fraud.  Mary Cummins has run a SUSPENDED non-profit in the state of California for over a decade!   
Again, why would anyone hire the likes of Mary Cummins when the only jobs she claims she held outside of her ‘self-employment’ resulted in either her being FIRED or it resulted in a COURT ACTION? 

  • Mary Cummins stated she worked for the Found Animals Foundation – a position from which she was FIRED for POOR PERFORMANCE after a mere 2 months. Cummins now openly attacks the Founder and major supporter of that group, Dr. Gary Michelson, and harasses him on the Internet presumably because the good doctor recognized early on that Mary was a ‘bad seed’ to be around animals.   
  • Mary Cummins DEFAULTED on a credit card and American Express filed charges against her for $5,000, a debt that she claims has yet to be satisfied.  Oddly enough Kathy Knight McConnell (a person who sued Cummins for defamation) had an American Express credit card taken out in her name and $5,000 in charges was racked up for which Ms. Knight-McConnell was not responsible.  Hmmmmm.   

If Mary Cummins lives in a “700 sq ft, run-down rented shack built in the 1940’s” as she identifies it, why on earth would anyone hire her involving the worth of their property?  And why would anyone hire her to be around animals when she has clearly stated she cannot even pay the rent where the animals reside?

One thing for sure is that complaints have been made against Mary Cummins and she is being watched by authorities especially since she has a TERRORISTIC THREAT police reported filed against her by the police themselves and she herself has stated on the Internet that she has many enemies and people have called her a “911 terrorist”, “a prostitute” and that she “posts porn in children’s chat rooms”.  I imagine it is hard to get anyone to let you into their home when this is what you post on the Internet about yourself.  
Maybe Mary Cummins is emotionally bankrupt as well as being a FINANCIAL ILLITERATE.



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