Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mary Cummins Hearing Voices and Imagining People are Out to Get Her!!!!

Mary Cummins causes her group to lose their GreatNonProfits page. What does she do? Attack the innocent on the Internet.

Note:  This is one of Mary Cummins’ new blogs, in her own words, so to speak:

For the holiday season Mary Cummins attacked Amanda Lollar on the Bat World Sanctuary Great Nonprofits page and as a consequence to her actions Great Nonprofits pulled Cummins Animal Advocate page off of their site!  This comes following Mary Cummins being banned from posting anything, anywhere onWikipedia, the people’s encyclopedia.  
In deposition Mary Cummins admitted she has many different aliases.  Mary Cummins even went so far as to buy domain names of the organization who was party to taking a $6.1 MILLION Dollar judgment against her for defamation.    Mary Cummins has put up FAKE and org sites to try and fool the public.   Yes, she bought the exact name of the famed sanctuary and just eliminated the spacing!  Mary Cummins is being watched by the authorities as she has been reported for identity theft and it was confirmed that this is a deliberate attempt on Mary Cummins’ part to fool the public (which is a felony).  Mary Cummins has posted totally false comments on the Bat World Sanctuary page.  People handling the criminal investigation of Mary Cummins have stated, “It is obvious this was done with pre-meditation.”  Mary Cummins used her other fake user names to make false and defamatory comments and reviews and to place positive reviews on her page.   Great Nonprofits disabled her ability to post anywhere on their site due to her constant terms of service violations!!!!  You may remember it was Mary Cummins’ own attorney who DUMPED her because he could not get through to her to STOP her malicious actions.  

All of Mary Cummins fake profiles are the same. She is supposedly a successful, pretty, young, thin woman who graduated from University.   The real Mary Cummins is the complete opposite.   She has stated she graduated on her Facebook page but a search of University records indicate Mary Cummins is not telling the truth.  Perhaps that is why she finds it necessary to list the elementary school she attended on the CV. 

mary cummins

Mary Cummins is NOT telling people she lost her Appeal in the malicious cases she filed against Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary in California.  As a matter of fact, she has lost TWICE (on two different cases).  They haven't released the opinion in the Texas case as yet but it is anticipated that she will suffer a severe blow there as well.  Mary Cummins mental incapacities do not allow her to recognize the truth and it is perceived that is why she continually files for a new trial and multiple Appeals as she loses case after case after case.  Mary Cummins is under the care of a psychologist.  In her own words in court documents filed in California she has stated, “I have gone to a psychologist because of these problems.”  If there is any justice in this world Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary will prevail.  After all, Mary Cummins has even stated this herself!  She said, “She’s (Amanda Lollar) not telling people I lost my appeal.”  Yet another example of Amanda Lollar’s magnanimous persona.   Any sane person would realize how foolish they look when every court document they file, concerning the final outcome of a case, is stamped with DENIED or DISMISSED.  This is why Mary Cummins has come to be known as the dumbest woman on the Internet.  

Scum-dum Mary Cummins cannot even remember that she has more than one appeal in the California and Texas courts.  Mary Cummins has lost every single action she has taken against Amanda Lollar.  In a singular lucid moment she posted on the Internet, “She (Amanda Lollar) is NOT telling people I lost my Appeal.”  When contacted for a comment Amanda Lollar simply said, “It is obvious the woman is sick.  I want nothing to do with her but she repeatedly tries to establish contact with me and my Board as well Bat World Sanctuary followers.  It is a sad situation that she simply cannot get on with her life and she finds it necessary to attack innocent people.”  

Amanda Lollar constantly shows that she is a real CLASS act while Mary Cummins is simply a CRASS act. 

As always for a SUMMARY of Mary Cummins’ activities see the definitive page of Animal Rights Attorney, Randy Turner, a true crusader and SUPER ATTORNEY.

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