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Maniacal Malicious Mary Cummins (i.e. MMMary)

Well, well, well, it can be written in stone now that the IDIOT Mary Cummins is so jealous of other women having husbands, people having successful careers (like pilots and attorneys), animal organizations that bond and support one another and the fact that her victim, Amanda Lollar, has thousands of people from all over the world who care for her that Scummy Cummy spent her holidays stalking Amanda Lollar to post more of what she is under court order to refrain from doing.  LOL. OMG, Here it comes, I can’t stop it now, WHAT A MORONIC IMBECILE (mental age of between 3 to 7 no doubt)!   I feel certain that the IDIOT Mary Cummins, who is exhibiting serious signs of mental dementia given her non-cognitive cerebral processes this week alone, is about to do a header off of the plane of sanity once and for all. 

After all this is a public service page and since she continues to publicly humiliate herself, I am in essence doing a public service to the skank, but why oh why do I try to explain the error of her ways when she does nothing to correct them?   I guess it is just fun to share with y’all (watch Dummy Scummy jump on the Southern phrasing and state, “This is Amanda Lollar!”).  LOL.  I know I have mentioned this before but how does Mary Cummins stand being with herself 24 hours a day? Seriously, we need answers as this is a matter of concern.  I know we find her vile yet amusing, ignorant yet it is fun seeing who can point out the number of times she lies in one paragraph since Mary Cummins is the “Where’s Waldo” of inconsistencies and one can easily cough up a lung with laughter when you see some of her pathetic attempts at what she thinks are monumental assaults on innocent people, but she needs to crawl back under that ‘pearl necklace’ she enjoys so much when men find it too offensive to enter her because she is nothing more than something to toy with yet I think we are all becoming quite BORED. There is simply no originality with her; just the same dribble over and over and over again. 

I have a feeling the malignant tumor she calls a brain is incapable of discerning that she has been neutered.  No one believes her any more.  It does not matter what she says now.  The cat is out of the bag; the skunk has left the dirty kitchen, the kitties refuse to watch in the shower and the proof is in the support.  She has become a laughing stock; a ridiculous, lonely, psychologically damaged, middle-aged loser.

So let’s now sit down with a lovely cup of our favorite brew and stroll through the garbage of Scum-Dummy’s latest posts.  LMAO.  Are you with me, friends????

They have been so numerous over the holiday season, I guess, because we all know Mary has NO family, NO friends that will take the stand for her in court, NO decent home in which to live and from what she states, “Nothing of value just my clothes and some personal items.”  Ha, ha.  Somehow that just seems appropriate.

Mary Cummins writes:

Thursday, December 26, 2013
"Amanda Lollar shows wildlife as "pets" violating the main laws of wildlife rehabilitation. Wildlife rehabilitators are not allowed to show wildlife as pets. If we did, people would want to keep wildlife as pets. We are against keeping wildlife as pets.” 
NOTE:  Mary Cummins has elevated her STUPITY nearing the outer edges of the stratosphere.  It is Mary Cummins who was responsible and reprimanded for dressing wild animals up in clothes and giving them human toys and letting the public touch them!  CLICK FOR PROOF. See what I mean about her STUPIDITY?  There is hard evidence that she did this.  There is NO evidence of Amanda Lollar doing it.

 “Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary have seriously violate this main rule many, many times. She puts costumes on bats. She gives them human toys which is against the regulations. She posts photos of insectivorous and fruit bats as pets, wearing costumes, in people's hair, in a pumpkin, playing with human baby toys which are all illegal activity.” 
NOTE:  Aw, for this one friends, let’s sing the “Mary Cummins is a fool, is a fool, is a fool song (to the tune of My Fair Lady).  And will somebody please tell her to use proper English and how to construct a sentence.  I think we are tired of her fragmented collection of words.  You know this is a perfect example of her “projecting” which is part of her mental disease no doubt.  Whatever she does she projects onto innocent victims.  I see she is now talking about “Amanda Lollar's personalities”.  People have been talking about Dummy Scummy having multiple personalities for years.  It has never been said about Amanda Lollar except by Mary Cummins or her Cumminians.  If you have not reviewed this page yet, I strongly suggest that you do.  Scarey stuff but not surprising.

“After she posts these photos people ask how to buy a pet bat. She says it's illegal. What is illegal is for her to show wild bats in a pet like manner. She is encouraging bats as illegal pets. In her crazy mind she is the only person allowed to have a pet bat.” 
NOTE:  Another example of Dummy Scummy not being able to read the written word and comprehend it.  It is Amanda Lollar who is on FB constantly posting and stating, “Bats are not pets”.  I am certain Lollar is not rescuing all of those bats, which has been completely documented with the authorities, for her health.  She does it to eliminate people having pet bats.  I do believe it is Amanda Lollar who has been paid upward of $15,000 per day for her outstanding bat exhibit designs for nature centers and zoos.  It is Amanda Lollar to whom people look, not DUMMY SCUMMY, skank ass Mary Cummins.  LOL.

“I bet she is personally responsible for thousands of bats being bought as pet only to receive poor care and die an inhumane death.” 
NOTE:  Except for the subject matter which is no laughing matter, let’s all have a good laugh at Mary Cummins’ expense.  She just said, “It is illegal to have pet bats and only Amanda Lollar thinks she should have them” and now she is stating that Lollar is responsible for thousands of them being had.  I think Granny slapped Scummins upside her head too much when she was growing up and that is part of the reason she is so mentally deficient. This has been on the Bat World website for nearly a decade. 

“Amanda Lollar admitted under oath that she is mentally ill and vomits in court”. 

NOTE:   I have to tell you that I cried from laughter at the ridiculousness of this Mary Cummins remark.  Can you picture AL stating she is mentally ill and then vomiting right there in court?????  OMG, Scummins is the Grand Pupah of the Illiterate.  I read the transcripts from cover to cover and nowhere is there any mention of mental illness EXCEPT MARY CUMMINS MENTAL ILLNESS and questions concerning her seeing a psychologist!  Here is the proof of her statements made in court documents in sunny California.  So now she has added to the long list of statements Mary Cummins has made to perjure herself.  Read the entire document by all means but focus on the top of page 10 where Mary Cummins states, “I have gone to a psychologist because of these problems”. 

Mary Cummins makes people vomit in court

Scum rag also addresses this when she attacks Dorothy Hyatt, VP of Bat World Sanctuary, in another blog claiming she has never seen a psychologist.  I guess one of her personalities should have told the other one that she did indeed say it to a court of law.  LOL.  I bet Hyatt laughed her butt off when she read Scum-twat stated in writing that she never said that and she has never seen a psychologist!     You have to admit that Mary Cummins makes it easy for the opposing side when she constantly points out her own remarks that proves her perjury.

“I always thought Dottie was older than John. Turns out she just looks a lot older than him but isn't. John who is from London and has two sons named Paul and Stephen used to be a pilot. He is now retired, so is Dorothy. They live in a nice house. Dottie drives a Porsche. If Bat World Sanctuary's donors only knew what Bat World was really spending money on, they would be disgusted.  What was this skinny old man going to do to me?  Hit me?  He sure acted that way.  I would just stand there and shake my head at him because he is a pathetic loser.” 
NOTE:  The IDIOT Mary Scummins strikes again!  Check this out.  Me thinkst Mary Cummins is not one to talk. She looks like an INDIGENT rag-tag bag lady from the streets of LA and she is talking about other people?  This is a must see link

Here is a pic of Dottie and John Hyatt:   

They look swell to me.  Scummins is barking up the wrong tree here.  Given the Hyatt’s connections Scum-dum is walking on some thin ice if she plans to take them on!  This should be interesting.

"Dottie Hyatt, Dorothy Hyatt wife of John Hyatt now defaming me. Dottie claims that I said I "went to a psychologist." I have never gone to a psychologist or said that." 
NOTE:  Well, we already proved that lie above.  Not only did the nonsensical Mary Cummins say it, she said it in official court documents filed in California!  I wish I could be a fly on the wall the next time that is brought up in court. 

 “She claims I need a Fish & Wildlife exhibit permit and USDA to exhibit. No, I don't.” 
NOTE:  Here is what Dorothy Hyatt said, I saw it out on the Great Nonprofits page since I have robots set up to see what the folks involved in this case are saying.  Notice when you read Hyatt’s post below how she addressed several issues but Dummy Cummy only chose the ones she wanted to skirt around.  Before you read it, let me give you verifiable facts.  1)  Mary Cummins does not have a Board that includes any veterinarians yet her best bud is suppose to be Jennifer Conrad who is a vet, 2) Bat World is the largest rescue/rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated exclusively to bats and Mary Cummins has stated that she lives in a 1 bedroom, 700 sq ft rented shack (although real estate records indicate it is a 2 bedroom), 3)  Hyatt is saying she knows how the USDA works and has inside information but Scummins misses that point, 4)  Nowhere in Dorothy Hyatt’s statement does she mention that Scum-dumb needs a Fish and Wildlife permit.  She said Mary Cummins has to have a CADFG wildlife exhibitor’s permit with the USDA permit and according to the FOIA I received, she does not. 5)  The USDA vet Mary Cummins references is NOT the head vet at USDA.  Worse, she is a big cat specialist and knows nothing about bats!  Practically everyone at the USDA is a vet.  What the main vet, Dr. Rolbert Gibbens, Director of the USDA said in a communication I offer here.  Please note, Followers, that I have redacted portions of the email exchange as I received it through a FOIA and followed their lead.  

As they say in the movies, I believe that is a wrap (around Mary Cummins neck)!  This is the correspondence from the true head of the USDA.  He answers to only one other person.  Whereas Laurie Gage is just one of hundreds of veterinarians and she does not specialize in bats so she did not even know of what she was speaking.  Remember the bat trained veterinarians who testified for Bat World?  An insider told me those vets have corresponded with Laurie Gage and Laurie Gage backed down like a duck on a slippery slope.  Apparently she tried to backtrack by saying she did not know the video was altered when she viewed it but the Veterinarian that spent hours and hours at Bat World corrected her and that did not look good for Gage.  Mary just keeps stacking them up – people who she sacrificed while trying to get at Amanda Lollar and what did Amanda get out of it?  More Support!!!!! 

 I still find it interesting that Laurie Gage was a classmate of Jennifer Conrad (Scummy’s bud) and that they have worked together on the Paw Project and then suddenly Scummy Mary Cummins is demanding an email that was not in the Bat World file.  Geez, you could be smoking dope and see right through that one.  No wonder there is a senatorial investigation ongoing with the USDA.

Oh, I nearly forgot, here is what Dorothy Hyatt said on Great Nonprofits before Lollar had the page pulled: “ I am making this review to correct the statements of Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates in LA who continually finds it necessary to visit this site and post lies. I act as Vice President for Bat World Sanctuary and I have been associated with BWS for nearly 2 decades. BWS has 2 veterinarians who sit on our Advisory Board and several other veterinarians who work with us. BWS is the largest rescue/rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated to bats; Mary Cummins functions out of what she described as a "one bedroom, 700 sq ft rented shack with broken plumbing". Amongst positions of responsibility that I have experienced in my professional career is that I have worked for the USDA. Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates makes a point of stating that Bat World lost its USDA license when it did NOT. Mary Cummins obtained a USDA license in 2011 but it does not do her any good because the state of CA refused her Wildlife Educational permit for the same year and she still does not have one. You must have both to exhibit animals. Furthermore, Bat World has NEVER been guilty of any of the things Mary Cummins has openly charged. Because of Mary Cummins' malicious defamation the courts awarded Amanda Lollar and BWS a $6.1 MILLION dollar judgement (plus interest of $25K per month). In retaliation Mary Cummins sued us in federal court and lost - repeatedly - since she filed several actions against us and LOST every single one."

Back to Scumdums nonsensical rants:

“Dottie then says she used to work for the USDA.  Even vivisectors have USDA permits.”
NOTE:  LOL.  There we go, there is the Mary Cummins who insists on embarrassing herself constantly for our amusement!  Right, even vivisectors, people who cut animals open for the hell of it (well, they claim it is for science but we know better as they are the same group who were dropping dogs down elevator shafts to see if they died on impact) can obtain a USDA license so why on earth would Amanda Lollar want a USDA license if she does not need it?  Apparently Scum-dum Mary
Cummins needs it because she plans on doing socially unsanctioned things on animals whereas when Lollar and her group no longer were exhibiting they dropped their USDA license.  Since Hyatt worked for the USDA I am certain if she thought BWS needed it they would have it.  After all she is a voting Board member. 

Isn’t it fun sharing the IDIOT Cummins maladjusted remarks that put her in the dunce’s corner every single time?  I have to admit it is cathartic and will be for a very long time if we do not become too bored with her since she can now be classified as an indigent nothing.  Naw, let’s just keep poking the dead thing to see what malignant diatribe she can come up with next.  Oh, don’t forget to check out her pages on Gary Michelson and Juliette Sponsel.  Dummy Cummy wonders why her employment has suffered and she has no family with whom to spend the holidays.  LOL, Michelson fired her for POOR PERFORMANCE and Mom SUED her!  Even a first year business student learns you never talk about your boss and decency governs that you do not talk about your Mother.  Tsk-tsk, Mary Scum-twat has reached the bottom of the tank.   You can alert Dr. Michelson through his Found Animals Foundation   
I do believe Scummy gives her mother’s address if you wish to alert her. 

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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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