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Is Mary Cummins Into Pornography and Copyright Infringement?


In Mary Cummins’ own words (so to speak):

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Mary Cummins in her website stated that it sometimes takes days to make one of her videos (presumably) the ones depicting animal abuse.
The images she displays are disturbing. She then uploads these videos to Youtube and receives advertising dollars. Now she is taking photos which someone else made (where animals are not being tortured or hung by the neck) then uses Photo Shop filters and such, puts her name on it and calls it hers!  If you look at her pictures chances are you will find the same picture put out by someone else at another time.  She admitted to this in a deposition that was taken for one of the many lawsuits in which she has been involved.  She stated, “I try to tag my name to as manyphotos as possible.”  She then went on to say, “I can put any date on any blog I want.”  Hence, Mary Cummins has admitted in print that she alters documents and images.  It is no surprise the judge awarded Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary a $6.1 MILLION dollar judgment against Cummins for defamation.  Mary Cummins confessed that she altered a video, that she sent to government officials, presumably in hopes of harming Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.  It is illegal to try and fool the government or to make false reports.  Frankly, if I were representing Mary Cummins (perish the thought) I would have immediately filed a “Diminished Capacity” or “Insanity” plea.  I would not have tried to convince a court that her malicious acts of lunacy were mere “Freedom of Speech” issues.  Amanda Lollar has been compared to Jane Goodall which places her  amongst the supreme echelon of great animal protectors.

Because Mary Cummins has been reprimanded by CA Department of Fish and Game and had her wildlife educational permit DENIED, individuals in the mental health field have stated that Mary Cummins is projecting her ill nature on those who are successful like Amanda Lollar.  Mary Cummins is devoid of even the simplest form of comprehension.  It has been suggested that her IQ is less than 50! 
She did the same thing a while back with the video of the bunny eating a flower that went viral…it allegedly was NOT her video she just re-posted it!   Mary Cummins in her own words stated, “I call this fraud. Tracing, copying, scanning is not a painting.”

Mary Cummins has posted many pictures of healthy animals she has not tortured (yet), but there are far more pictures of her.  If you look at her pictures they are copies of photographs from another time then she adds filters and Photo Shops them.  What is wrong with Mary Cummins that she sees this in herself but cannot stop herself from doing it?  
You can see that all Mary Cummins does is scan, add a filter or two and some digital retouching.  Apparently she has done this repeatedly particularly with her own pictures. 

 Untitled-3 copy

Mary Cummins posts the altered pictures on the Internet to make believe she has not been ravaged by time.  Mary Cummins does this constantly.  Does Mary Cummins wish she were someone else?  Is that why she persistentlystalks Amanda Lollar on the Internet?  Internet mental health professionals have commented on Mary Cummins’ obvious attempts at emulating the consummate professional Lollar but Cummins falls short of the mark by miles which spurs her unrelenting attacks of Amanda Lollar.
It has been stated that Mary Cummins has been placing animals in photographs in sexual situations for years.  Mary Cummins has, herself, reposted these things.  Maybe she goes to animal sanctuaries under the guise of wanting to learn when all she wants is to be near more animals in a sexual way. 
Mary Cummins openly talks about genitalia, her breasts and sexual situations with animals.
Here is a quote taken from a blog in 2007 that Mary Cummins has herself referenced in court documents.“Mary Cummins alleges that she was accused by "animal activists" of being "a practitioner of squirrel pornography."

In fact, Mary Cummins has been called a photographer of squirrel pornography, and an online poster of squirrel porno, which she indeed is. Please go to and check Mary Cummins photos of squirrels having oral sex, squirrels with erections, squirrels taking a bowel movement, etc. The photos were named by Mary Cummins with the EXTREMELY SCIENTIFIC NAMES of Hung Juvie, Pee Poo Time, Boys in Jail, Speaking of Pricks and Caught Again. The screenshots that prove these are taken from Mary Cummins website, the witness from all over the world who saw this crap for many years, and the links in OTHER chatrooms where Mary Cummins CANNOT HAVE THE LINKS REMOVED, all support this information. And you bet, the witnesses/victims have records of this, too. As did LA City Attorneys back when the decision was made to fire Mary Cummins as a volunteer and ban her from city property.” 

I was going through some of the hundreds of blogs written about her and although there is an underlying theme of stupidity there is also an alarming theme involving animals. 
After all, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has reprimanded her for animal abuse and animal neglect and her wildlife educational permit was DENIED all the way back in 2011.  This is not uncommon with people who are involved in a cult or who aspire to be involved.  Although she has not been arrested for this as yet, there are worrisome similarities witha well known cult leader.

I think it was the unsettling video of Mary Cummins grabbing an orphan opossum by the neck that ripped into my heart.  Cummins hand was seen grabbing the creature around its neck then yanking and twisting the poor baby until it appeared that the mother’s teat ripped off in the baby’s mouth as the little orphan plaintively cried one last time for its mother.
I just had to walk away from my computer when I saw that but unfortunately it is burned into my mind forever. I struggle to understand how Mary Cummins can be so inhumane to animals.

One can understand why Mary Cummins’ own mother and sister SUED her when she apparently embezzled money from her dying grandmother.  Money that the elderly lady meant to go to her daughter. 
Perhaps her fascination with sex and animals began at a very early age as she has stated she sees a mental health professional, “I have gone to a psychologist for these problems.”

In blogs from as early as the turn of the millennium she insinuated her boyfriend placed body fluids onto her neck to form a “pearl necklace” and the fact that “It is Valentine’s Day so maybe I will get seconds.” On another blog she has stated, “Meta wank is when you masturbate to the thought about someone else masturbating about you”. Yes, a very troubled person. 


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