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Hey, here is a new fun game… We will call it Cumminopoly. And yes, you guessed it, every time Mary Cummins claims a falsehood, she does not get to pass GO, she goes DIRECTLY TO JAIL!

Let’s look at what Mary Cummins has stated others think of her and then dissect her inane arguments.  After all Mary Cummins has brought up this phrasing in multi-public court documents and I have even seen it in her own blogs where she has referenced all of these things.  I do believe that is why federal Judge Dolly Gee stated that Mary Cummins deliberately defamed HERSELF when she tried to blame it on Amanda Lollar and others in her FAILED federal lawsuit

Let’s start on Page 8 of Mary Cummins vs Google/Blogger where, the IDIOT Mary Cummins makes the following statement: 

“Google/Blogger is hosting over a dozen libelous and defamatory blogs about me on the Internet.  These blogs state that I am a “convicted felon”, there “is a bench warrant out for my arrest”,  I am involved in “bestiality”,  “child porn”, “squirrel porn”, I am “a terrorist”, I am a “911 terrorist”, I am a “stalker”, I am an “ugly whore”, I “ass raped a baby skunk at a sex party until it bled to death”, “I put a rubber band on a baby skunk’s penis to torture it”, “the police just arrested me”, I “impersonated a police officer”, I “posted a naked photo of myself showing my penis”, besides other libelous things.  None of these things are true.”

LMAO, OMG, stick a fork in her because she is done!  Not only are the things that have been said about her disgusting, what is truly amazing is that she repeatedly re-posts them and includes these things in every public legal paper, accessible to anyone, and she has posted them on her own sites at every opportunity!  She is a crass act all right.  Is Mary Cummins proud of these things?  A sane, modest individual would move heaven and earth to either ameliorate them with evidence to prove these things are false or never mention them again.  What did Mary Cummins do?  In the City of LA lawsuit dating back to 2007 she first brought these alleged allegations to light.  After that they stayed buried until Mary Cummins herself resurrected them!  And for even more references as to Mary Cummins reputation (ahem), look at this list.     

Isn’t this fun?  Surely given the fact that Mary Cummins has “thousands of enemies” as she stated in her court ordered deposition, there are enough of those she has victimized to cause us to regale in her stupidity of action, ie, her own undoing.  Okay, let’s take a look at another one:

“These blogs posted my personal financial information such as my social security number, home address and banking information.  The blogs contain my copyrighted photographs.  They have posted photos of me in their blogs with semen on my face.  They have posted photos of my animal rescues with revolting sexual comments about penises and pornography.  These blogs are libel per se and severe harassment besides copyright infringement.  They have been on the Internet since 2006.”
BINGO!  “They have been on the Internet since 2006.”  So how could “the bat people” as Mary Cummins refers to supporters and affiliates of Bat World Sanctuary, possibly have posted these things about Mary Cummins when they were not even aware of Mary Cummins until her failed attempt to learn how to rehab bats in June of 2010?  Where is that DUNCE cap?   Has anyone seen Mary Cummins “personal financial information, social security number, home address or bank information” on the Internet?  I certainly have not.  Remember she fought like hell to keep Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary from finding out her home address.  Yet in 2010 she is stating that it is posted on the Internet.  She was even willing to do jail time for it.  She even wrote a press release that she planned on releasing when she was incarcerated!  Seriously she did.  I cannot remember the exact title of the article that she later referenced writing but it had a heading of something like, “Animal Advocate Mary Cummins is Jailed by Texas Judge for being a Whistleblower.”  She said she had to rush out of the court house to stop the press release from going live since she was not arrested!  Man, despite the disappointment of not seeing Dum-Scum in hand cuffs, the Bat World legal team must have enjoyed seeing her squirm through the proceedings that day knowing full well ahead of time that her incarceration would come at a later date! 

And wait, did she actually say “my copyrighted photographs”?  Say what?  Take a look at this where she admits to basically ‘stealing’ everyone’s photographs and putting her own name on them. 

My God she is stupid! And don’t even get me started on her “semen face”.  I doubt anyone looking at that picture would have identified the substance on her face as semen yet she proudly (and repeatedly) declares that is what it is.  Geez.  I feel the urge to take a shower from reading her nasty stuff. 

Mary Cummins, circa 1980

“Because of the libelous and defamatory remarks on the Internet I lost my job working for the City of LA.  I am unable to get work.”

Aw, geez, isn’t it pathetic that she is that delusional or perhaps she actually so stupid that she thinks intelligent people will believe her dribble?  The fact is that she was FIRED from the City of LA due to “poor performance”.  Take a look at page 116 on your PDF counter (not the actual page number on the document itself).  Give it a minute to load as it is approximately 255 pages.  It is Mary Cummins official Letter of Termination from the City of LA Department of Animal Services.  It cites 5 violations (starts on page 114):  #1 Improper Conduct (no surprise there), #2 Rudeness/Inappropriate Language (still not surprised), #3 You Must Volunteer a Minimum of 8 Hours per Month (remember Cummins stating at one point somewhere that she worked there for something like 60 hours a month?), #15 Volunteers May Not Undermine the Efforts of the Staff to Perform Their Duties (OMG I am surprised she was not fired sooner as this is her typical MO), and #18 OMG again – This could either mean she demonstrated a “Conflict of Interest between LA Animal Services and Animal Advocates” OR she “Tampered with the Donation Jars”!  Wow.  That was enlightening.   See, I knew we could have some fun based on her FAILED life.  I only hope those who are or who have fallen victim to her vicious attacks will take solace in the fact that we support them and this is our way of helping them by exposing the truth about her.  

That is all for now fellow humans.  I am off to see what else I can find.  After you read how she states it was said that she is involved in “bestiality”, “child porn”, photos “showing my penis”  and the “ugly whore” remark my muscles are tired from laughing AT the Idiot.  Remember, don’t keep this good stuff to yourself, but spread the joy known as the Ignorance of Mary Cummins!  

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