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The Internet Idiot Mary Cummins PROVES all statements made regarding the lies she told, and her PERSONAL involvement with a USDA veterinarian, is TRUE!  Mary Cummins continues her Reign of Terror in hopes of affecting the future of bats at a Texas sanctuary.  

Read Mary Cummins own words where she claims personal knowledge of USDA vet (The same vet who later withdrew her negative remarks concerning Amanda Lollar): "Dr. Laurie Gage licensed veterinarian, USDA veterinarian, LARGE mammal expert.  Amanda Lollar who has not gone past the eighth grade is now trying to state that Dr. Laurie Gage a licensed and experienced veterinarian since 1980 (over 33 years) doesn't know what she's talking about."  

EDITORIAL NOTE:  Where is the proof that Amanda Lollar has said anything about the USDA, their vet or anything else?  Where is the proof that the renowned bat expert, Amanda Lollar, did not go past the eighth grade?  Dummy Scummy Mary Cummins is just showing off her advanced degree in STUPIDITY!  Heeello?!  Dr. Laurie Gage is now and always has been a LARGE Mammal and Marine expert.  Nowhere does she ever claim to have hands on knowledge as it pertains to bats.  I am certain every one with an IQ above 50 recognizes the importance of that fact since Mary Cummins thinks she can continue to DEFAME Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary associates because she ‘obtained’ an outdated email from a personal acquaintance of hers.  For Public Figures one must show that the defamation was done with malice or the person making the statements presumed their defamatory remarks were true.  Time and again Mary Cummins has been shown the truth with supporting documentation BUT chose to continue to defame with malice.  This is a very important point because it completely seals her fate and it is not a fate any thinking person would want but sooooo appropriate for the Idiot Cummins.

Mary Cummins wrote: "Below are just some of the credentials of Dr. Laurie Gage. Dr. Laurie Gage is a very experienced and knowledgeable licensed veterinarian."
EDITORIAL NOTE:  How is it that the idiot Mary Cummins who cannot find her way out of a courtroom knows so much about Dr. Laurie Gage, the USDA vet who viewed an altered video sent to her by Mary Cummins and made erroneous statements for which she was later questioned by her superiors?  Dare we say COLLUSION?  Remember, according to the head of the USDA, Dr. Robert Gibbens (for whom Laurie Gage works) after considering Dr. Gage’s comments and the fact that Dr. Gage’s knowledge of bats is questionable, wrote the following:

From: Dr****, DVM,  APHIS *****>
To: **********
Sent: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 13:05:59 -0600 (CST)
Subject: RE: Dr. Laurie Gage

“Please note that the referenced email from Dr. Gage is not, and has not been in the official file of Bat World Sanctuary.  Ms. Cummins specifically requested it.  As you mention in your email, our Agency looked into the complaint against Bat World Sanctuary (made by Mary Cummins).  The Agency did not find evidence of AWA (Animal Welfare Act) violations and considers the matter closed.  This determination was based, in part, on the Agency’s (including Dr. Gage’s) evaluation of the referenced video.  The individual (Mary Cummins) then published select comments from the email on the Internet.  In answer to your inquiry, Dr. Gage’s title is Big Cat and Marine Mammal Specialist.  She does not work with bats.”

EDITORIAL NOTE:  Well that says it all!!!  The head of the USDA clearly states in December of 2013 NOT May of 2011 (which is the date of the old email that Mary Cummins continues to post on the Internet and what caused Dr. Gage a great deal of grief spurring senatorial inquires) that “The Agency (USDA) did not find evidence of AWA (Animal Welfare Act) violations and considers the matter closed.”  Mary Cummins is such a moron to continue flailing about like a fish out of water, eyes popping and gasping for breath, by constantly repeating what has already been trashed by the USDA

My God, it is easy to see that Cummins really does possess a very low IQ and she apparently is devoid of even the most basic of comprehension skills.  If it were not for the fact that she has such an odious personality, one would feel sorry for Mary Cummins; the disowned daughter of a millionaire mother via a court order, no longer friend of a billionaire animal activist and subjugated malcontent of Dr. Gary Michelson, Randy Turner and Amanda Lollar.  This is truly a case of life being stranger than fiction

Mary Cummins wrote: "Amanda Lollar who has not gone past the eighth grade is now trying to state that Dr. Laurie Gage a licensed and experienced veterinarian since 1980 (over 33 years) doesn't know what she's talking about. "

EDITORIAL NOTE:  In yet another example of Mary Cummins churlish manner exemplifying her diminished mental capacity, Mary Cummins has stated that "Amanda Lollar is now trying to state that Dr. Laurie Gage a licensed and experienced veterinarian since 1980 (over 33 years) doesn't know what she's talking about."  OMG, I do not know how Ms. Lollar would respond to this statement but let's all laugh together because not only do I believe that Dr. Laurie Gage does NOT know what she is talking about but NEITHER DOES THE HEAD OF THE USDA, HER BOSS!  Remember, they considered Dr. Gage's misguided comments and Dr. Robert Gibbens clearly and repeatedly stated, "We found no violations of the Animal Welfare Act or any other violations.  The case is closed."  He spoke those words as recently as December of 2013, yet the IDIOT Cummins continues to spew her ignorant rhetoric that violations were found against Amanda Lollar and Cummins is posting an outdated email from May of 2011 that Laurie Gage wrote epitomizing Dr. Gage's lack of knowledge about bats and presenting the possibility there was collusion between she and Mary Cummins!  Lollar has to be doubled over with laughter at the depths to which the scum drenched Mary Cummins has sunk in her pathetic attempts at harming the respectable Lollar.  Mary Cummins has no credence whatsoever any more.  She is done, finished, useless, impotent.  She has become the prime example of the excremented waste of society.

Mary Cummins wrote: Dr. Laurie Gage wrote a book which is sold on titled  "Hand rearing wild and domestic mammals." It includes a chapter on insectivorous bats co-written by Susan Barnard a true bat expert with over 40 years of experience. Susan Barnard has written the encyclopedia of bat care, a four book series which covers all aspects of all bat species. Amanda Lollar on the other hand wrote a crappy "manual..." 

EDITORIAL NOTE:  LOL, first and foremost Sue Bernard did not write that 4 book series herself.  It is instead a compilation of writings by other animal care professionals INCLUDING BAT WORLD SANCTUARY!  This is the same Sue Bernard who Cummins stated was going to testify for her at the trial when Amanda Lollar sued Cummins and ultimately took a $6 MILLION Dollar defamation judgment against her for posting items such as she continues to post.   However, Sue Bernard was a no-show!!!!  That’s right, she was on the witness list and according to Mary Cummins was going to sink Amanda Lollar but Sue Bernard (and you have to give her credit for this) must have realized she was no match for Amanda Lollar’s knowledge of bats and she was a NO-SHOW.  LOL.  However, you may have noticed that 2 bat trained veterinarians with over 20 years experience DID testify on Lollar’s behalf.  Additionally 2 veterinarians sit on Bat World Sanctuary’s board.  How many vets are on the idiot Mary Cummins board?  NONE.  I do believe that speaks volumes to the intelligent mind which is why the idiot Mary Cummins does not understand the significance of who testified for whom and who has skilled veterinarians on their board.  Oh, BTW, did y’all notice the jealousy of Mary Cummins words about Amanda Lollar’s literary accomplishments????  This is so funny given the numerous awards that have been bestowed upon Lollar and the fact that she has trained zoologists, biologists, veterinarians, conservation scientists and other animal care professionals from every bat inhabited continent in the world.  That means learned professionals have traveled from China, Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, etc. just to train on bats with Amanda Lollar.  Who else can make that claim as it pertains to the training of a specific species?  Here is Amanda Lollar's CV.  Now read Mary Cummins CV.   Hysterical isn’t it????  I love the part where she states, “Results oriented professional”.  LMAO, OMG who would hire this woman????  She is a self-proclaimed indigent living in a 700 sq ft rented shack with questionable plumbing who does not own a car!  What an imbecile!

Mary Cummins wrote: "DR. LAURIE GAGE is a board member of Global Research and Rescue, GRR and has served as the Chief Veterinarian at Six  Flags Marine World (formerly Marine World Africa USA) in Vallejo, California from 1980 to 2003.Dr. Gage simultaneously was the Director of Veterinary Services at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California from 1980 through 1994. She was the part-time veterinarian at the Los Angeles Zoo as well as a veterinary consultant to the Coyote Point Museum on the San Francisco Peninsula, Safari West in Santa Rosa, and the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary in Medford Oregon.  Since 1998, she has been a veterinary consultant for the Veterinary Information Network; an online veterinary resource service subscribed to by over 10,000 individuals. From 1993 to 1995 she was a veterinary consultant to Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1979, and was a resident in equine surgery at Washington State University from 1979 to 1980. She is an associate clinical professor and guest lecturer at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where she teaches the marine mammal medicine and husbandry courses, as well as lectures on carnivore and elephant medicine. She has been involved in several expeditions to help endangered marine mammals, including assisting with the now legendary story of Humphrey "the wrong way Whale" in San Francisco. She's traveled to Barnes Lake, Alaska to help 9 trapped whales in a tidal lake and to Hubbard Glacier to assist with the rescue of several trapped seals. She has published “Hand Rearing Wild and Domestic Mammals”, has authored, numerous scientific articles and book chapters, appeared on a variety of TV and radio programs and interviews, and has been the subject of many newspaper and internet articles. She is the current president of the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine (IAAAM), and is a board member for the San Francisco Chapter of Waterkeepers Dr. Gage is presently the Large Cat Specialist and Marine Mammal Advisor for the United States Department of Agriculture Animal Care Division."

License Number: 7163
License Status: CLEAR Definition
Expiration Date: November 30, 2014
Issue Date: March 12, 1980
Address: **** ****** AVENUE
City: ****
State: CA
Zip: *****

EDITORIAL NOTE:  Good grief, the IDIOT Mary Cummins just posted Laurie Gage’s home address (which we redacted)!  What a moron.  Well there goes that friendship!  As an aside, here is an interesting fact:  There are over 12,000 licensed wildlife rehabilitator’s in the U.S.; of that number less than 200 are bat trained and a significantly lower number holds the dubious title of ‘bat specialist’ of which Amanda Lollar is considered to be the foremost expert on the captive care of insectivorous bats.  How many people do you think have paid the idiot Mary Cummins over $15,000 for a one day consultation on a bat habitat as Amanda Lollar has been sought out and paid?  LOL.  Cummins is sooooooo outmatched in trying to take on Lollar.  What was she thinking?  Oh, I forgot, she is the moronic, unwanted offspring of a “sperm donation” and she was intended for a dumpster (as she has clearly stated on the Internet).  Oh well, the best laid plans sometimes are prematurely abandoned and the result is a drain on society. 

Mary Cummins wrote: "Laurie Gage, Big Cat and Marine Mammal Specialist Dr. Laurie Gage, DVM, DACVM, has been the big cat field specialist and marine mammal advisor for APHIS’ Animal Care program for almost 7 years. She also assists the National Marine Fisheries Service with their programs relating to the Marine Mammal Stranding Network. She is a lecturer at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and also a consultant for the Veterinary Information Network. Before working for USDA, Gage was the director of veterinary services for Six Flags Marine World for 23 years and concurrently the director of veterinary services for The Marine Mammal Center in Marin, CA, for 14 of those years. She also has been a consulting veterinarian for the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary, Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand, and for the Coyote Point Museum in San Mateo, CA, as well as a staff veterinarian for the Los Angeles Zoo. She may be reached by telephone at 707-251-5523 or by email at"
EDITORIAL NOTE:  Yet again, does anyone at all see where Dr. Laurie Gage has even a molecule of experience with bats????  No, of course not.  Only Mary Cummins would give credence to the words of a person who made an erroneous statement after viewing a highly edited video which took a life saving procedure and made it appear as though it was an act of cruelty.  More than a dozen bat trained vets have viewed that video and recognized it for what it was yet Dr. Gage could not discern the difference because she is not bat trained.  You have to allow for the fact that Mary Cummins’ stupidity is so predictable that we know when we read anything she posts it will further exemplify her ignorance.  Then there is the unanswered question of collusion.  

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  This is all telling!  Look at how Mary Cummins holds Dr. Laurie Gage in such high regard and posted:  “Laurie Gage has authored, numerous scientific articles and book chapters, appeared on a variety of TV and radio programs and interviews, and has been the subject of many newspaper and internet articles.”  OMG, I am laughing out loud right now.  You could switch out the names because everything stated applies to Amanda Lollar as well!  Difference:  Amanda Lollar did not have the benefit of going to veterinary school but her knowledge of bats is unequaled.  How admirable is that?????  The idiot Mary Cummins does not even realize what she posted.  She actually is complimenting and giving credit to Amanda Lollar because she values these things so much in Laurie Gage. It is also interesting how Mary Cummins tries (very badly) to copy Amanda Lollar.  OMG, she is not even equipped to carry Amanda Lollar’s shoes let alone try to emulate her.

Wait until the damaged mind of Mary Cummins finds out that Texas is vying to be the 8th state to adopt cyber-bullying laws wherein once defamation is decided by a court of law neither the Appellate or Supreme courts will give any weight to so called Freedom of Speech rights AND the future speech of a party could be restrained so long as its original comments were ruled defamatory.  That means Mary Cummins constant blabbering about, “Prior restraint is against the law!”, will not be heard and that permanent injunction Amanda Lollar holds can be used to ‘whap’ Mary Cummins.  Ha, ha.

I am not even going to address Scummins latest attack and her ridiculous attempt to place Amanda Lollar in the “senior citizen” category.  It is just another example of Scummins inadequate jealous attempt to get a rise out of Lollar who apparently could care less about Mary Cummins “take” on anything.  Mary Cummins looks like an aged bag lady that has been living on the streets far too long. 

mary cummins

On the other hand, the picture she posts is a video still of Lollar taken from a local news broadcast the same day the trial ended.  After having to look at Mary Cummins and be exposed to her malignant personality for 4 days I think Lollar looks pretty good despite the fact that Scum Dum tried to make her look bad by freezing the video in the worst spot she could find.  One thing is for sure, nobody will ever compare the likes of Scummin Mary Cummins to Dr. Jane Goodall but Amanda Lollar has had that comparison drawn about her on more than one occasion. AND here is yet another one. I wonder if the IDIOT Mary Cummins realizes that she, all by herself, dumped millionaires and billionaires in Amanda Lollar’s lap?  LMAO.


Mary Cummins Exposed
Mary Cummins Makes Death Threats
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