Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Using Mary's Own Words Against Her

Is Mary Cummins a mentally ill lesbian? (Can’t help but use her own words about Amanda Lollar since it seems Mary cannot find her way out of a closet these days).

Mary Cummins acting as her own attorney has demanded personal information about Amanda Lollar, specifically, where Lollar’s dying war veteran father resided in nursing care! Then Dumbin’ Cummins went on to state that Amanda Lollar gave birth to a baby at the tender age of 13 and MURDERED her baby! We have said in the past that Scummins, er Cummins, is a crazed, sociopath cyberstalker and in her own Dumbin’ Cummins way she just wants to give us the proof.  She openly, publicly accused Amanda Lollar of capital crimes. I guess she just did not read those discrimination laws correctly.  Have you noticed how many mistakes Dumbin’ Cummins makes? 

Mary Cummins is suing for a back injury, not an ovary or mammary injury, which oddly enough she brings up female body parts CONSTANTLY as well as demeaning statements about people being lesbians.  I believe there is something very wrong with Mary Cummins.  Mary Cummins seems to be obsessed with Amanda Lollar and Randy Turner and Dr. Gary Michelson.  Does Mary Cummins’ fans know that she is demanding gynecological records and other personal information about others? Mary Cummins acts as her own attorney, but she is so stupid she cannot remember any of the laws she reads.  Worse, she misinterprets them at every turn-REPEATEDLY.  Learned individuals correct her at every turn but she makes the same mistakes over and over again claiming she is just a “poor pro se doing the best I can”.  Geez, Mary, if that is the best you can do, you really are stupid to admit it. Cummins is beyond all help.  She does not even realize that the neck bone is connected to the back bone.  She cannot understand that when you sue for a back injury, all medical records are pertinent because everything is connected!  What an idiot.  It is sooooooo obvious Mary Cummins never completed her formal education.  Why does Mary Cummins continue to harass decent people in this manner? What about women's rights? Or just basic ethics and professionalism?  Mary Cummins is one ofthe craziest people anyone could ever meet….stupid, obsessed, indigent, homophobe scum

But wait, there's more!

Mary Cummins never graduated. That means she dropped out of school. She insinuates to the media and on the Internet that she graduated from USC.  LOL.  Mary Cummins boasts that she was on the men’s water polo team in school (perhaps that is why she stated in deposition that it has been declared she is a biological male).  Cummins dropped out of school to “pursue a career in real estate”, “because I was making so much money”.  She is totally uneducated as she proves by her daily posts and in court records where she CONSTANTLY uses improper grammar and makes typographical errors all while she is declaring she is a member of Junior Mensa!   The last time she was in school she was 17 or 19.  You do the math.  There really has to be something extremely wrong with someone to drop out of school when they ‘claim’ they received a scholarship.  She never posts any proof of that scholarship now does she?  But, in all fairness, she really did make a lot of money in real estate or because “all different men paid for those vacations” in order to afford her breasts. 

I have a feeling that because of her projection she was the ugly, fat kid in school that no one liked.  Even as an adult, apparently Mary Cummins wore gunny sacks.
(One picture is worth a thousand words here).  Mary is constantly talking about why people call her ugly and fat and she says, “ I'm not ugly or fat.”  Like we said earlier, one picture is worth a thousand words.  Cummins also stated she thinks “none of the other kids liked her (Lollar) because she is very strange and has major social issues. This is why she always stayed by herself in tiny Mineral Wells, Texas living in her mom's furniture store. She has lived off her mom and dad her entire life except for the short time she lived off her husband when she was 16. He left her.”  LMAO.  OMG, talk about JEALOUSY!  Lollar has built the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated exclusively to bats.  Scientists, veterinarians, zoologists, biologists and others have traveled from as far away  as China to train with her. And from the records I found, she owned the store, not her parents! Whereas, according to Cummins, “I live in a 700 sq ft rented cabin, I own nothing, I do not even have a car and I am indigent”.  Where is her list of PhD’s, scientists, bat professionals who have trained with her in her 700 sq ft shack?  Lollar has written the definitive book on the captive care of bats.  Cummins has written a pamphlet from information she ‘borrowed’ from others.  Talk about social issues!  Cummins, in deposition, stated the followers she has on Facebook are her ‘friends’.  When asked if she has dinner with, goes to movies with, entertains these friends, her answer was ‘no’.  So Cummins has ‘friends’ she never sees, never does anything with except the Branch Cumminians she has on Facebook!  LMAO (Sorry, it is hard to keep a straight face here).  Sounds like this Lollar gal is a VERY self sufficient person and I looked up her high school picture – the girl was a knockout.  I guess Cummins ugly head is rearing.  She talks about Lollar living off of her mother.  Lollar’s dear mother has been gone for over 25 years.  Lollar built Bat World in 1994 (just under 20 years).  Maybe it is just that Lollar had an extraordinary relationship with both her Mom and Dad and Cummins extremely wealthy family will have nothing to do with her.  As a matter of fact, there is a court agreement in place if the family is contacted someone has to pay a $50,000 fine for doing that.  Who do you guess that someone is?  LOL.  Oh, my eyes are tearing up with laughter again.  My God Cummins is so jealous of Lollar it isn’t even funny.  Probably even funnier now that Lollar and Michelson’s names are linked.    

mary cummins aka mary k cummins aka mary cummins cobb
“I live in a 700 sq ft rented cabin, I own nothing,
I do not even have a car and I am indigent.”

Mary Cummins claims, “They (bats) are considered icky unwanted scary pests”.  Wow, and she calls herself a wildlife rehabilitator and lover of animals, an animal advocate?  If this is true, and it is after all in her own words, why does she have so many pictures of the adorable, well cared for bats that are at Bat World Sanctuary on her Youtube channel?  Statements like this are probably why CADFG has reprimanded Mary Cummins for abusing animals. 

Look at what else Dumbin’ Cummins has written,  “Sue Bernard's four book series on bats is 1,000 times better than Barbara French's book. That books is written by many PhD's who specialize in bats, did graduate studies in bats, are bat veterinarians”.  Oh dear God, Cummins does not even know how to spell Barnard’s name and uses improper grammer, “that books”. 
This is why Cummins does not recognize that Lollar’s books are medical references and rehabilitation manuals for captive bats.  The others are not. Also note that Lollar is listed as the first author, meaning she was the primary author in books coauthored with Barbara French.

From Mary Cummins, “The only people who think Amanda Lollar may know a thing or two are people who know absolutely nothing about bats”.  Right.  That is why Lollar has all of the animal rights attorneys in Texas working for her pro bono and despite crazy Mary Cummins begging and pleading, no one will represent her even when she pays them!
  More from Cummins, “Bat rehabbers know Amanda Lollar is a fraud. The USDA knows Amanda Lollar is a fraud who commits animal cruelty. TPWD knows Amanda Lollar is a fraud who is not a bat expert. They won't let her touch bats with white nose syndrome. Texas Health Dept knows Amanda Lollar is a fraud. City of Mineral Wells and the new City she is moving to know she's a fraud. Members of Bat World know she is a fraud”.  Wow, the jealousy deepens here.  If Amanda is so disliked why does she have the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world and it is supported by donors?  (Cummins works out of her living room in her “rented shack”).  If no one likes Lollar why does she have every single license for which she applies and why is she both Global Federation of Animal Sanctuary and American Association of Sanctuary accredited?  (Cummins has neither.).  PLUS, Amanda Lollar does not have White Nose Syndrome bats because there are none in the state of Texas and every bat professional has agreed to not transport WNS bats into areas where they have not yet been identified.  Cummins is such an idiot.  No wonder she owns nothing; she is too stupid to have accomplished anything.

More from Cummins, “Amanda Lollar thinks she's anonymous but she's not. I won't post my proof here so she will continue to hang herself. I will show my proof to the court”.  I am sorry as you are probably tired of hearing how I am laughing out loud, but it is the truth.  Cummins has yet to prove anything in either a Texas or California court.  She has had more than 2-3 dozen times to prove herself in court and Cummins cannot.  Now she is falling on the weak argument that she will not post her proof here.  Lollar posts proof for every statement she ever makes.  It is why I follow this stuff so closely.  Whereas Cummins NEVER PROVES ANYTHING.  Cummins is the kid nobody liked because she was the secretive one, the “annoying” one like a respected judge just told her in court, because she talks about proof but NEVER gives any.  What a total moron.

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Mary CumminsFIRED from the Found Animal Foundation, her USDA Permit CANCELLED: http://marycumminss.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/mary-cummins-fired-from-fund-for-the-animals/
Unfortunately, the current laws are inadequate to deal with pathological malcontents like Mary Cummins who use the internet to destroy others. Defamation lawsuits may be filed and won but cyber-stalkers can simply hide their assets, ignore the court judgment, and keep on defaming people on the internet.  http://www.randyturner.com/index.php/randys-cyber-stalker

Mary Cummins Exposed: http://www.marycummins-exposed.com/

A dissected look at the self-promotion Mary Cummins posts on all of her pages:
Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Services has supposedly been in real estate since 1984, over 25 years, yet she claims to have retired twice and is now indigent. She is supposedly licensed by the California Office of Real Estate Appraisers. Mary Cummins was an agent and broker licensed with the California Department of Real Estate selling residential income, commercial buildings, raw land and homes for Merrill Lynch Realty in Beverly Hills and Westside Properties in Los Angeles before concentrating on appraisals, yet again (she claims to have retired twice and is now indigent).  Mary Cummins currently provides real estate appraisals, expert witness testimony (LOL), historical research (LOL), legal real estate research for mortgage brokers (LOL), banks (LOL), lawyers (LOL), factors (LOL), insurance companies (LOL), financial consultants and private individuals (LOL). Mary Cummins was born and raised in Southern California. Mary Cummins attended Beverly Hills Good Shepherd Catholic School and Beverly Hills High School. Besides being a member of Junior Mensa (HA - there is NO SUCH THING!) and on the Dean's list (seriously doubted), Mary Cummins was a top ten national swimmer and competed on the men's water polo team (perhaps this is why there are sites out there spectulating that Mary Cummins is actually a man?). Mary Cummins began college at the age of 15 attending the University of Southern California on scholarship (AND NEVER GRADUATED), majoring in Psychology/Sociology (perhaps she thought this was stalker school?). Mary Cummins started a non-profit organization in 2002 by the name of Animal Advocate, (SUSPENDED THE EXACT SAME YEAR).  Animal Advocates rescues ill, injured and orphaned wildlife for release back to the wild (AND ALLEGEDLY ALSO COMMITS CRUELTY?) . Mary Cummins is licensed with the California Department of Fish & Game  (BUT RECENTLY LOST HER PERMIT, link coming soon) and the USDA ("FOR THE HELL OF IT" see video) to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. Mary Cummins speaks to local community groups and students about respecting wildlife and humane wildlife control (LOL). Mary Cummins is also a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (does she trap and torture these animals?). Mary Cummins has written manuals on small mammal rehabilitation besides numerous other articles on wildlife (PLAGIARIZED?). In 2005 Mary Cummins went to the police academy at Rio Hondo College (A COLLEGE THAT WAS SHUT DOWN) She also took the police gun and taser classes for certification (AND NOW MAKES VEILED GUN THREATS). She went to the State Humane Association of California and took their Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy to become a humane officer (perhaps they should be warned?). She is currently on the Humane Society of the United States National Disaster Animal Response team (perhaps they should be warned?). For more information, go here. Full curriculum vitae in the websites. Animal Advocates Cummins Real Estate Services (Or go here, for a more accutate CV)
*Yes, there is a reason why I keep repeating my name in my about page (AND THERE IS A REASON WE DO THE SAME ;).



Amanda Lollar, Amanda, Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary, Bat, World, Sanctuary, Bat World, Mineral Wells, Texas, lawsuit, complaint, animal cruelty, batworldsanctuary.com, website, official, Mary Cummins, Mary, Cummins, Animal Advocates, Animal, Advocates, Dorothy Hyatt, Kate Rugroden, Larry Crittenden, John Hyatt, Martin Rugroden, animal abuse, animal neglect, USDA, permit, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Animal Welfare Act, violations, revoked, reprimand, restraining order, TRO, crazy, mentally ill, 5150, uneducated.  Mary Cummins made false reports to government agencies about Amanda Lollar and bat World Sanctuary. Mary Cummins has herself been reported for animal cruelty, animal abuse, animal neglect, violations of the Animal Welfare Act. She was investigated. Violations were found. California Department of Fish and Game suspended Mary Cummins' permit for abusing a squirrel with no eyeballs, making false reports and other violations.  Mary Cummins Animal Advocates is suspended in the State of CA. Mary Cummins lost her CADFG Educational permit. Mary Cummins was reprimanded by California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins lies about her lack of education. Mary Cummins takes donations illegally.  Mary Cummins has failed classes in animal care. Mary Cummins is a cyber-stalker with serious mental problems. 

And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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