Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Debacle Mary Cummins calls a Life

Interestingly, a person interested in the debacle Mary Cummins calls a life, came across an article they thought bore a striking resemblance to the persona of Mary Cummins.  We agree that the comparisons drawn are astounding:

“A recent study conducted by psychologists at a leading university found that a small percentage of Facebook users actually create pseudonyms with avatars to make it appear as though they have friends (mmmaryinla, maryqueenofscoots, anonymous, honesty, verified facts, animal welfare act, truth & honesty, Mary Cummins (aka Mary Cummins-Cobb), vespertilio and many more).  These “friends” always post things that the Facebook user would like to hear someone say to them (“You’re a very beautiful and intelligent woman, Mary”, “Who wouldn’t want to stare at you, Mary”, “Your breasts are perfect”).  The researchers said this usually indicates that the person is suffering from an acute form of psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia or a combination of those diseases.  These Facebook users typically lack self- and try to portray themselves as they wish they were, often by posting photographs of themselves that were taken when they were much younger or by posting photos of others altogether (“This is a picture of me running around town today with no make-up” Note: the picture posted of her has been confirmed to be in excess of 20 years old, “I had a Benz, wore Versace and a Rolex”, “All different men paid for my vacations; I did not pay for those vacations”). 

loners rarely have lives beyond their computer screens and don’t post photographs of themselves with their friends or family because they are often estranged from their families and have no actual friends (“I have not spoken to my mother or sister in 20 years”, “I have no relationship with my father”  “Nobody knows where I live; nobody comes to my house”, “I have over 5,000 friends on Facebook” (Lawyer:  Have you ever had dinner with any of them, gone to a movie, have they come to your house?  Cummins:  “No”).  They tend to be unemployed and blame others for their inability to get or keep a job.  (Cummins when suing the City of LA in 2007, “I have a net worth of zero because of all the falsehoods written about me on the Internet”, in 2011 “I have a net worth of zero because of Bat World”, “I have no work; I only do pro bono work”, “I have no health insurance or property or money because of what others have said about me”, “I was hired by Fund for Animals but they fired me after a day even though they knew what is on the Internet about me is false”).  An obsession with sexuality and bodily functions is common (“Men stare at my chest and crotch”, “I attended a tantric sex clinic…hmmmm”).  In extreme cases they will fixate on people who they see as their enemies and fantasize or talk about killing them—modern day versions of the “Unabomber,” Ted Kaczinski.  (“The LAPD told me to shoot Amanda Lollar”, “I trained at the police academy, have guns and go to the range”).

Scarey, isn’t it?  See photos Mary Cummins exhibits across the Internet to this day stating they are current pictures of her and see the pictures actually captured in Deposition and Process Service.

mary cummins aka mary cummins cobb aka mary k cummins



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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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