Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mary Cummins throws famed activist Ady Gil under the bus

Mary Cummins and Animal Advocates, Los Angeles, California.  Legal documents, public documents, items of interest to public concern about public persons. 
 Cyberstalker, Mary Cummins, tries to link multi-millionaire animal rights activist, Ady Gil, to her defamation and harassment of the renowned Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, TX.

Yes, the depths to which Mary Cummins will sink are unimaginable.  In the case of Ady Gil, the much liked millionaire philanthropist who chooses to donate his money to saving animals instead of buying fancy toys for himself, was linked to the defamation of Bat World Sanctuary by Mary Cummins.  Read for yourself:

Cummins:  "Someone can host a photo or a video in one Website, and someone wants to post it into another Website, you don't have to copy and paste it, you can just
                  edit your HTML code so it pulls it from the other site."
Attorney:    "So, it's never in the other site."
Cummins:  "A thousand Web sites can pull a video from one Website without having to host it on their Web server."
Attorney:    "And it's your testimony under oath that you never did that; it was other people who did that?"
Cummins:   "Yes."
Attorney:    "Did they do it at your suggestion or request?"
Cummins:   "I did ask one person to put it into his Mac data storage."
Attorney:    "What's his name?"
Cummins:   "Ady Gil."
Attorney:    "Where does Ady live?"
Cummins:   "Los Angeles."
Attorney:     "Do you know his address?"
Cummins:    "Yes."
Attorney:     "What is it?"
Cummins:    "I don't know it by heart."
Attorney:      "Do you know why anybody who doesn't know Amanda Lollar would go to that trouble to do that?"
Cummins:    "I believe ....."

The rest of the statements have been redacted to protect Mr. Gil, who a source tells us, wants nothing to do with Mary Cummins.  I think that says it all about Mary Cummins proclaimed' relationship' with Ady Gil.  Mary has a propensity for trying to affiliate herself with the rich and famous, particularly if they work with or protect animals, like Mr. Ady Gil.

Bat World Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit located in the state of Texas.  It is the largest rescue/rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated exclusively to bats.  Bat World Sanctuary is GFAS accredited and ASA accredited.  Bat World Sanctuary and its Founder and President, Amanda Lollar, have appeared on the David Letterman Show, Animal Planet, CBS Good Morning, Nickolodean and other notable t.v. programs as well as radio shows.  Ms. Lollar writes both popular and scientific literature on bats. 

For the full story on the vicious attacks by Mary Cummins on Bat World Sanctuary, its animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, judges, process servers, rehabilitators, government officials and others, click here.
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