Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mary Cummins, Mary Katherine Cummins-Cobb and Mary K. Cummins – Dumb, Dumber, Dumbiest

Well just when you think Mary Cummins, President of Animal Advocates in Los Angeles, Owner of Cummins Real Estate Services and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals (which she operates out of her rented 700 sq ft shack – her living room operation) just cannot get any dumber, sit down for this late breaking news flash.  She CAN!!!!  It seems Mary Cummins tried to get a TEMPORARY Restraining Order against Amanda Lollar demanding that Amanda Lollar stay 100 yards away from her.  Say what?  Amanda Lollar lives some 2,000 miles away from Mary Cummins.  Amanda Lollar, or should I say, the world renowned Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary who runs the largest bat sanctuary in the world, has a lot better things to do than to even want to come within 100 yards of the scummy Mary Cummins.  Of course the judge saw through Dummy Scummy Cummy's BS and not only threw out her ridiculous application but also ordered her to pay Amanda’s lawyers over $6,000 for filing such a baseless lawsuit. LOL, LMAO. (Oh man, I cannot stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks from laughter).  This is like watching “The World’s Dumbest Criminals” only better. 

The dumb, dumber and dumbiest Mary Cummins can actually get even more ridiculous (is this called paranoid schizophrenia?).  Good grief, what an idiot.  I read in transcripts posted by Bat World that Lollar has NEVER contacted Cummins – ever.  Not even before Lollar sued Cummins for defamation (which cost Bat World some hefty donations).  Last I read, Lollar is building a state of the art facility on newly acquired land, running contests to secure prize money for Bat World, publishing a book about her experience with Cummins, is working with a famous zoo on a new bat enclosure, sponsoring another bat in Europe to gain freedom, Lollar is scheduled to speak at a World Bat Conference, designing a new line of clothing for Bat World and I forget what else.  Seriously, folks, do you really think Amanda Lollar has the time to care about what Scummy Cummy is doing?



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