Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is Mary Cummins a Psychopath?

Mary Cummins, Mental Disorder?

I watched the video on the Stand Up to Cyberstalkers page and in dissecting what the good doctor Ochberg has to say, I went back through many of the notes from the documents I have read about Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates and Cummins Real Estate Services.  Look at these comparisons:
  1. A psychopath and a sociopath are one in the same.  They know what they are doing but feel justified.  This should not be confused with a psychotic who is a person suffering from schizophrenia, suffering from some sort of manic-depressive disorder and they are not able to distinguish between what is real and what is a fantasy.  Psychopaths are hard to discipline.  Note:  Mary Cummins announced to the world that the attorney who defended Bat World Sanctuary pro bono had a son who was adopted.  There is only one reason someone would do this.    On her Internet profile she lists as her hobby – “creating havoc on the Internet”.  Mary Cummins is 47 years old and has been involved in over 24 lawsuits.  On Cummins Internet profile she states that against her parent’s wishes, without their knowledge and without a driver’s license she owned and drove an Ironhead Sportster motorcycle which is clearly a child that is difficult to discipline.  She even stated that her mother ‘could not control her’. 

  2. A psychopath does not have a CONSCIENCE.  Note:  Mary Cummins attacks anyone and everyone who lands on the right side of justice.  In the Bat World case, for example, (since I have read more about that than the Ashton Tech and Knight-McConnell and City of LA cases), she even went after the judges on the 2 cases!!!!!  What sane person does that?  She attacked the poor process server, the witnesses, the court reporter and even her own attorney when she had one.
  3.    The psychopath does not feel pain the way the ordinary person does.  They have a higher threshold for pain.  Note:  According to Mary Cummins on line profile she has been involved in Extreme Sports most of her life, Mary Cummins was on the extremely taxing male water polo team in school (not female; male) and Mary Cummins even laid down a massive Buehl motorcycle and felt nothing according to her own recollections.
  4.   The psychopath responds automatically and they do not get upset or excited because they feel they can lie their way out of anything.  Note:  Mary Cummins refers to herself as a ‘valium personality’ because she is so calm.  She accused a process server of punching her in the stomach with a legal document.  Watch the video because nothing of the sort happened.  People who practice brainwashing also use this technique.  They state the opposite of what is proven and they do it over and over and over again (perhaps this is why Mary Cummins repeats herself so much on line and in legal documents?) knowing that the weak minded people that follow them will believe what they tell them and not what they see.
  5.  The psychopath lacks the building blocks it takes to form a conscience.  They are usually raised in an abnormal way and view everything as their parents fault.  Many times they will have perfectly normal parents and siblings but they go on to become serial killers.  Columbine is a perfect example.  Normal parents, normal sibling, totally abnormal youth that killed all those innocent people.  Note:  Mary Cummins parents divorced shortly after she was born and Mary Cummins has stated that her mother would have put her in a dumpster when she was born if her grandmother did not step in.  She claims she was raised by her then 65 year old grandmother yet in court documents it is stated that her mother did raise both she and her sister and by all accounts had a very good relationship with her own mother.  Yet Mary Cummins states that the grandmother and mother had a contemptuous relationship and she was raised solely by the grandmother.  (Court documents indicate that they all lived together).  Cummins sister is perfectly normal, successful, with a family of her own.  Mary Cummins mother is a pillar of society and is married to one of the foremost philanthropists in the U.S.  Mary Cummins has never married, has no children, her family has not spoken to her for 20 years and by all evidence she has been involved in lawsuits with her ex-lovers and neighbors.  Despite her grandiose claims of how much she loved her grandmother, court documents indicate that she embezzled from her dying grandmother.
  6.  Some psychopath’s become sadist and enjoy the pain and suffering of others.  They mistreat animals, outwit police and humiliate decent people. They enjoy their own form of grandiosity.  They fake caring for humans and animals.  Note:  Mary Cummins was cited by the California Department of Fish and Game for violations of the Animal Welfare Act for mistreating a squirrel with no eyeballs, she repeatedly files false police reports and secured a restraining order against Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary to stay 100 yards away from her when Amanda Lollar lives some 2,000 miles away from her and Mary Cummins continually makes false and misleading posts and government reports in an attempt to humiliate her victims.

The good doctor noted:  “There should be a special facility for psychopaths, they should age in isolation.  They should not be housed in mental hospitals (presumably because they will ‘work’ the system).” 

I leave it to you to review all of the complete documentation that is on the Internet about Mary Cummins, as well as mull over the notes I have made.  Nothing has been taken out of context.  It is simply my opinion of what I have observed in following the actions of this vile individual.  I truly believe Mary Cummins is a psychopath with sadistic tendencies.  Why else would she feed poor, rehabilitating animals rotten meat, compromise a tiny squirrel with no eyeballs, stalk one of the most dedicated bat specialists in the world – Amanda Lollar – in an attempt to ruin her life and make threatening statements about a disabled, dying War Veteran, in the final stages of Parkinson’s disease in nursing care?  These are the actions of a psychopath. 

What is a psychopath?

See video:




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