Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Services, a HOMOPHOBE???

Is Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals,  Animal Advocates, a HOMOPHOBE???

She just posted all over the internet that Amanda Lollar, of Bat World Sanctuary fame 
is a lesbian and she stated it in a very derogatory way; in a very homophobic way as if there is something wrong with being a lesbian.  However, I am sure  Cummins announcement to the world came as news to Lollar since Lollar has been married to a man for something like 10 years and has been a hetersexual all of her life.  Which means that Cummins is also accusing Lollar of cheating on her husband and guess who Dumbin Cummins suggests is the interest of Lollar's lesbian fantasies?.........MARY CUMMINS!!!  NOTE TO READERS:  Try to contain your laughter when you open the mary cummins links provided as you will see things on her professional sites such as where she graduated from grammar school and the fact that she is proficient in using the phone.  LMAO.

Let's take a look at the history of Lollar and Cummins.  Lollar pursued legal action against Cummins and took a $6.1 million dollar judgment (plus interest to the tune of $25K per month) against Cummins.  Cummins, in retaliation, filed another 3-4 lawsuits/actions against Lollar and Lollar has been victorious against Dumbin-Cummins at every single turn, but according to Cummins, Lollar 'wants' her.  Say what?  Say DELUSIONAL.  Geez, this would be a stretch for someone with an IQ of 10 let alone us average folks.  Cummins is absolutely deranged if she truly believes the garbage she tries to sell to the world.

Get this, then Cummins states that she cannot get a job because of Lollar's defamation of her.  LOL.  This is too rich because we thinkst the real reason Cummins cannot get a job is because she is a sleaze.  She fantasizes about other women's husbands (including Lollar's, Lollar's attorney and Lollar's closest friend's husband) and posts about it.  Every woman wants a real estate appraiser in her home who fantasizes about other women's husbands because she has never had one of her own.  Think of the children in those homes as well.  Who would want a real estate appraiser in their home, around their innocent children, when that person has publicly been accused of posting porn in children's chat rooms (according to Cummins own testimony)?  Then, let's look at the animal lovers of the world.  Do you want someone in your home who has been officially accused, by California Dept of Fish and Game, of abusing a squirrel with no eyeballs?   No, of course not.  Let's look at the decent people of the world.  Do you want someone in your home who has posted on the Internet that, "At a 3 day tantric sex workshop honing my skilz, Ow, my ass."  Or, how about this gem, "How did you know my boyfriend is hung like a horse?"  Yes, that was all posted on the Internet.  Now let's talk about the honest folks.  Do you really want someone who is guilty of lying about the most obvious things, handling your real estate?

I can understand telling children to be careful of what they post because it will remain on the Internet forever, but do we really need to tell someone past the age of 46?  That begs the question, do you really want someone appraising your home or involved in any real estate decisions when they are dumb enough to post those things and more (much more) on the Internet?

Yes, it is because of Amanda Lollar and Randy Turner and Dean Rocco and Judge Brigham and Judge Goodson and Judge Sudderth and.... that Cummins does not have a job.  Sure. We all believe that.



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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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