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mary cummins aka mary k cummins aka mary cummins cobb

Well this is interesting.  After I posted a blog earlier this month about Mary Cummins dragging the billionaire Ady Gil into her web of deceit and the fact that Dummin’ Scummins, Mary Cummins, lied in her deposition claiming that Ady Gil was involved in the slander against the renowned Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary fame, somebody sent me this email that Ady Gil sent to them.  Please note that portions of the email I redacted to protect some very personal information: 
From: Ady Gil *****************
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 1:59 AM
Subject: Re: Confidential to Ady Gil

https://public.me.com/adygil was a public folder. That said, it is like youtube, or facebook. Anyone can upload and download to that folder as they wish. It was a way for people to share large files over the internet. It was not a password protected folder. She uploaded it herself!

The following day I found out that she may have used me, in this matter, as she may have lied to other people, so after a short research of my own, I made sure that video was gone. It was a Bat Hospital in Australia that brought it up to my attention. I immediately contacted Mary and told her that the video was removed and she could for $99 get her OWN iDisk public folder, but she is NOT welcome to use mine. 

I acted as fast as I could once I was aware that there may be some foul play there.  I understand that what is done is done. I … never publicly expressed any negativity about your organization myself.

Sorry for all your trouble with her, as you can see I had my own trouble.

I hope you have no hard feelings anymore.

Take care,

Ady Gil”

Yet another example of Mary Cummins perjuring herself and this time it was in a deposition which is the same as lying in court.  You know, court, where they can put you in jail for lying.  For those of you who are wondering, “Will Mary Cummins ever go to jail because she has lied repeatedly in court and nothing happened before?”  How much do you want to bet that the famed animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, is working on that one as we speak?  Quite frankly I think Mary Cummins should be jailed as a repeat offender of STUPIDITY but alas her jail time will be for her crimes as they present themselves-perjury, tax fraud, donor fraud, animal abuse, etc. 

Finally Mary will get the fame she so desperately chases -   ‘Animal Advocates President Mary Cummins JAILED’.  I bet there are at least 100 people who will jump to write that story in LA.

Did Mary Cummins really think with all the people she has damaged, all of the animal lovers of the world that see right through her animal abuses, that these fine folks would not get together to support Bat World Sanctuary?  Stupid Mary has made some very powerful enemies.  Wealthy people have unlimited resources.  She should have laid off of them and she should have laid off of the attorneys who also have unlimited resources with which to fight her sorry, low slung ass.  
I can’t wait to see what Mary Cummins’ own mother has to say.  Remember Dummy Cummy has proclaimed for years, “my mother is dead”  so it will be interesting to see what her very much alive, very wealthy, pillar of society mother has to say about her support of Bat World Sanctuary against Mary Cummins.  Remember, it was Mary Cummins who posted that her mother is a tax fraud and people should report her.  She intentionally set out to harm her own mother!  And for what purpose other than to be her malicious self.   She literally begged people to turn her mother into the IRS.  If anyone does contact the IRS and they list their source as Mary Katherine Cummins-Cobb aka Mary Cummins, and give a link to her website about her mother, I doubt the IRS will even flinch given the number of abuses of the IRS in which Mary Cummins is involved.  Once the IRS hears the name of Mary Cummins-Cobb or Mary Cummins undoubtedly their radar goes up. Mary Cummins’ file is probably   stamped with LIAR.  Her 990’s do not match what she stated in court and she is already into the IRS for $24,000 as she stated in her depo in 2011. However, a search showed that the amount is now down to $11,000. 

I guess they have special payment plans for indigents!  LOL.  Maybe Mary just wants to go to jail so she can play “jail house lawyer”.  Mary better be careful though because she loses nearly every motion she files and I doubt the prison house population will take her losses of their cases so lightly.  And we all know Mary will not be able to keep her mouth shut.  I wonder if Mary will just post that the bruises she sustained in prison are from “walking in my sleep and hitting myself”.   I have never met anyone who abused themselves in their sleep but I guess even Mary does not like Mary and we all can understand that.

For an excellent summary of Mary Cummins activities please click here.  


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