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Dumb, dumber, dumbest Mary Cummins

Dumb, dumber, dumbest statements of Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Edward Katz

Here is text from a new site of Mary Dummins.  To show you how really stupid Mary is, I have chosen to leave her site intact and simply give you editorial notes.  Why does Mary Cummins make it so easy for us?  Because she is just that dumb.

Dumb Mary Cummins wrote:
Legal filings, public documents about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. They are public figures. These posts are of public concern. EDITORIAL NOTE:  Public concern to who?  To Mary’s Cumminians (the idiot leading the idiots).  Mary continually states that Amanda Lollar is a public figure and therefore anything associated with Amanda Lollar is of public concern.  Which is it Mary; is Amanda Lollar a true bat expert, Founder of the largest rescue, rehabilitation, teaching sanctuary in the world and therefore a public figure?  Or, was Amanda Lollar raised by wolves as you consistently claim she has not made it past high school (wait, then you said the 10th grade, then you said the 9th grade, then you said the 8th grade and one of your most recent posts claims you doubted she made it out of the 7th grade and then you lowered it to the 4th grade)?  Make it easy on all of us and admit that Amanda Lollar was raised by educated wolves who taught her to read and write so she could author no less than 7 scientific and popular books.  You claim she is not an expert yet you constantly hold her to that standard.  Could it be because her expertise has been sought by the USFWS, the National Zoo, the Smithsonian, the wild preserve in Las Vegas and a list of other notable animal organizations?  Hmmm, stop sniffing kale and get your stories straight.

Here is the rest of Mary Cummins’ dumbatribe:
Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Judge William Brigham's oral court order. He has problems speaking clearly. His facts are wrong.   EDITORIAL NOTE:  LOL, LMAO, LOL.  OMG,  his facts are wrong?  What guilty party has not stated this about the judge that handed them a judgment against them?  Too funny.  Judge William Brigham was requested by the Honorable Judge Bonnie Sudderth.  Remember, the very judge who Cummins herself stated, “Judge Bonnie is very fair.  I like Judge Bonnie.  I wish Judge Bonnie would have been on the case.”  William Brigham is considered to be the best of the best.  The Administrative Judge (the judge of the other judges) is the one who appointed Judge Brigham at Judge Sudderth’s request, according to court documentation.  

Dumb Mary continues:
This was Judge William Brigham's final oral order on the case. The signed written order only contained 43 phrases (EDITORIAL NOTE:  At the top of Cummins own websites/blogs she states it was 47 phrases) from Exhibit 17, nothing from 18. I'm posting this so people can see that he is not speaking coherently. His sentences aren't formed properly and they don't really make any sense. He even read this from a piece of paper. He could not even read what he or someone else wrote. Not only was his ruling unjust but what he said made no sense and was false.  EDITORIAL NOTE:  LOL, LOL, Seriously, Cummins is stating a renowned judge is not speaking coherently????  Oh Mary, your ignorance is showing yet AGAIN.  Mary Cummins, a seasoned litigant, should know by now that ALL judges make notes during a trial and state or read their decision.  Is it possible that Mary Cummins is so stupid she never noticed this before or is she just lying again?  Additionally, anyone who has been involved with the court system knows that court reporter’s can and do make mistakes, especially as it pertains to the tense of words, spelling of names, etc.

Dumb Mary continues:
THE COURT: "The summation is complete. There will be no more evidence and no more summation. The Court is about to rule.

I think that Amanda Lollar, the plaintiff, in this case and has a world-wide reputation in the proper care of bats similar to that Jan Goodall in the care of primates.

Jan Goodall went to Africa to find primates. Amanda Lollar in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas, where it probably has maybe one of largest concentrations of bats in Texas, at least, maybe Austin has a few more. I don't know. The concentration of bats in the old Crazy Water Crystal Hotel now known as the Baker Hotel they shut the Baker -- the Crazy Water Crystal Hotel years ago. Bats been there forever."  EDITORIAL NOTE:  Judge Brigham is a native Texan.  Do you think he has been to the once famous Baker Hotel, the hotel that was built in the same spot the Crazy Water Crystal Hotel stood, and where dozens of Hollywood stars and heads of state have stayed?  The Crazy Water Crystal Hotel and the Crazy Water Hotel are two different places, not one in the same (as dumb Mary Cummins tries to surmise, below). Come on, Mary, this is like shooting toy ducks in a barrel by pointing out your stupidity at this juncture.

Dumb Mary continues:
This is where it gets stranger. The Crazy Water Hotel burned down. They built another Crazy Water Hotel which was seven stories tall. Then Mr. Baker built the Baker Hotel which is 14 stories tall. They are not the same building. The Crazy Water Hotel is now a retirement hotel. The Baker Hotel still exists but is vacant.   EDITORIAL NOTE:  The term ‘crazy water’ refers to the water in Mineral Wells, Texas and the Baker Hotel was famous for its ‘crazy water’ bath houses. 

Dumb Mary continues:
 Here's an interesting article about Mineral Wells, Texas. It's called "The town that crazy built." Mineral Wells was formed when someone dug a well that had funny tasting "crazy" water that left a mineral deposit behind. Some guy made up a story that the water cured all of his family's ailments. Now I see where Amanda Lollar gets all this bat shit crazy crap from. Is that where Amanda Lollar got the notion that you can lie about absolutely everything? Sure seems so. Mineral Wells, Texas is a tiny old town with crazy water and bat shit crazy individuals.  EDITORIAL NOTE:  I am laughing out loud, sitting by myself.  Mentally unbalanced, sociopath Mary Cummins who by her own testimony sees a psychologist for her problems, is calling someone else crazy?  Mineral Wells, Texas, as I mentioned is a famous, old town that has seen more limos in its hay day than a Hollywood premier.  It has been frequented by numerous stars.  Why?  Because of the water.  As it turns out, there are high concentrations of natural minerals in the water.  To this day, it is sold for its healing properties.  There is even a ‘Crazy Water Festival’ every year. 

Dumb Mary continues:

 Dr. Jane (not Jan) Goodall observed primate behavior in Africa. Amanda Lollar has not gone past the eighth grade, is not a doctor and she tries to perform surgery on bats and ends up killing them. These are two very, very different people. One helps primates and is well respected and kind. The other harms bats and is not respected at all.  EDITORIAL NOTE:  Oops, Mary Cummins jealousy is rearing its ugly, balding head again.  Amanda Lollar has trained over 400 zoologists, veterinarians, biologists and other animal care professionals from EVERY bat inhabited continent in the world.  People have traveled from Australia, China, Europe and other places JUST to train with Amanda Lollar.  As for Jane Goodall, I am a big fan, but Dr. Goodall began her work with primates while she was a secretary.  As it was Judge Brigham who struck the comparison between Jane Goodall and Amanda Lollar, it is obvious that he knows her name and it was the court reporter who misspelled the name of Jane Goodall just as she did with a number of people concerned with the case (read thetranscript).
Dumb Mary continues:

 Judge William Brigham also said that Mineral Wells had one of the largest concentrations of bats in Texas. Everyone knows that Austin, Texas has the Bracken Caves and the largest concentration of bats in Texas and the US. They have millions. Mineral Wells may have 100,000 at the very most.  EDITORIAL NOTE:  Good grief, Mary Cummins just flaunts her stupidity here.  Bracken Cave (not caves) is no where near Austin!!!!!  Mineral Wells has millions of bats not 100,000.  My God, it is well documented (by scientists) that Bat World’s wild sanctuary alone has well over 100,000 bats during migration, the Baker Hotel in excess of 250,000 and it is an old, historic town with bats in every building.  Are you shaking your head at how the ridiculous Mary Cummins constantly displays her stupidity for the world to see?  I know, it’s funny, isn’t it?

Dumb Mary continues:
 This clearly shows that Judge William Brigham doesn't know what he's talking about in regard to bats, Dr. Jane Goodall, the Baker hotel or the legal elements of the case. He can't even read or speak properly. He should have never been assigned this case. I have a feeling a few people were involved in setting him up. They didn't think I'd appeal and prove them wrong.  Delusional?  Oh good God, Mary has got to stop this, I am crying I am laughing so hard.  William Brigham has forgotten more about bats than Mary Cummins will ever know and now Mary presents herself as an expert on Jane Goodall, the Baker Hotel and legal elements of the case!  Would this be legal elements of the case MARY CUMMINS LOST?????

Dumb Mary continues:
UPDATE: I sent in additional information to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct of Texas about Judge William Brigham. He should not be overseeing anyone's hearings or trials. I don't believe he is fit to sit the bench. 
EDITORIAL NOTE:  LOL.  Of course the State Commission on Judicial Conduct of Texas will embrace sociopath, psychotic Mary Cummins views over the well respected Judge Wild Bill Brigham!  LOL, LMAO.  Oh good grief, Mary Cummins has got to stop making us laugh so hard!

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