Friday, December 13, 2013

Does Mary Cummins Deliberately Make False Reports to Incite Government Agencies?

Yes!  Mary Cummins constantly makes false government reports believing she is immune from prosecution.  If it were true, that would be great for Mary Cummins but...whoa Nelly, not so fast, apparently like any common criminal Cummins- is not immune!  
Mary Cummins, of Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals and Animal Advocates, truly believes she can continue to defame, harass, annoy, incite and well, you get the picture, and get away with it.  Apparently Mary has not done all of her legal homework.  Mary makes these reports, instigating USDA and Texas Parks and Wildlife personnel to busily write each other trying to figure out what to do to keep Mary from defaming them (as she has done in the past and where their legal counsel had to write to her to tell her to Cease and Desist), and then she does a FOIA so she can then post the false and malicious diatribe on the Internet.  Mary thinks she is outsmarting everyone but what she is doing is setting herself up for jail time.  I bet Amanda Lollar is sitting there smiling every time she reads another defamatory site Mary Cummins makes about her.  (You cannot be sued for the same thing twice, but because Mary has made all new sites, based on the defamation she was ordered to remove, stupid, stupid, stupid Mary thought she was immune from another legal action).  Amanda Lollar OWNS MARY CUMMINS FLAT, MISSHAPEN ASS!

So you ask why does Mary Cummins do this?  What is her motive?  Turns out Mary Cummins has 5,922 reasons EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY to try  and cause the renowned Amanda Lollar harm.  Yep, every single Friday of every single week of every single month of every single year until the debt is paid, Mary Cummins-Cobb owes Amanda Lollar $5,922 in interest on the $6.2 MILLION DOLLAR judgment Amanda Lollar has against Mary Cummins for her defamation, OR, $846 daily or $105.75 in an 8 hour day or $35 per hour. You would think once Mary had over $6 Million reasons to try and STOP defaming Amanda Lollar she would have given up.  Nope, not dopey Mary.  Instead in a recently discovered court document, here is what Dummy Scummy Mary is claiming. This is Mary Cummins Motion for Order to Show Cause regarding Mary's attempt to vacate (erase) the Texas judgment which has been transferred to the California courts for collection: 

"Defendant (Cummins) emailed the attorney on the documents and told Richard Evans that his process server hit her with the documents.  Evans stated he did not order the process server, it was not his, he would not do something like that, he filed a declaration of non-service and had done nothing on the case since then.  At that point, Defendant (Cummins) was under the impression that the judgment was not actionable.  Defendant also believed that Plaintiffs probably didn't want to waste any more money trying to collect from Defendant who is indigent."

OMG!  Really, is Mary Cummins seriously that dumb?  Yes, she is that unintelligent.  Too bad Mary did not get a college degree or any kind of a degree because it looks like she needs it. Working with her self resources has NOT served her well. I told you Mary Cummins was that stupid, that ridiculous and that laughable. You would think that someone like Mary Cummins, who has been to court dozens and dozens of times (okay hundreds) would finally wise up.  Not Dummy Scummy or Scummy Cummy as she is known in California.  She thinks because of the….oh well, we do not want to give away too much.  Just suffice to say, poor Dummy, Scummy Cummy forgot to get her law degree so she is going to end up broke (for real, not the fake indigent status thingy) and behind bars for a long, long time.

I hope Mary enjoys rolling her lips over her upper and lower teeth for her new activities in prison like Scummy Cummy described on the Internet.  I hear some guards are open to anything:
The edges of my rear molars are kinda sharp from grinding. I have to be careful, if you know what I mean. I'm sure every woman thinks about this,not to mention lips over upper and bottom teeth.


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