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Another in the series of Mary Cummins-Cobb aka Mary Cummins is a liar.

Mary Cummins, Feb 2013
Remember when Mary Cummins, President of Animal Advocates (the suspended non-profit) and Cummins Real Estate Services and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals (who admitted the IRS has stated she owes our government $22,000), you know the Mary Cummins who proudly proclaims she has been self-employed for nearly 30 years and is one of the foremost real estate appraisers in the Los Angeles area yet she proclaims she is on state assistance and is indigent?  Well, Mary has dug into her family tree of late on Ancestry.com and low and behold Mary noted her father’s birth date and the date he married her mother but there was no date of death.  Odd since Mary Cummins has repeatedly proclaimed that her father is dead.  Hmmmmmmm, confused you say?  Well, yes, Mary Cummins is usually confused because she gets tangled in her web of lies. Note: Check out this site which explains how her lies about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary cost Mary Cummins over $6 Million Dollars in damages to the sanctuary, http://www.dfwanimalrescue.com/2012/06/amanda-lollar-bat-world-sanctuary-win-6-1-million-judgment-against-mary-cummins/.

Well, low and behold, a little Internet sleuthing uncovered information about Cummins and her father.  Guess what?  Not only is Llewellyn Cobb not dead, he is in contact with his daughter and has been for quite a while!  Why would anyone say their father is dead when he is not?  Sick, I know, but then again Mary Cummins claims her mother is dead yet her mother is very much alive and married to the philanthropist, Clifford Sponsel, and is very much a part of Santa Barbara society.  Mary Cummins has said some very disparaging things about her own mother yet her mother is extremely well thought of in society for her philanthropic work.  Mary Cummins has repeatedly stated that she loved and adored her grandmother (who is dead by the way) but then research indicates that Mary Cummins tried to embezzle her beloved grandmother’s money from her while the poor woman was dying.  (Note:   Maria Rivera Cummins is her grandmother who left a $13M plus estate to be distributed to the Catholic Church and other charities and her daughter, Mary’s mother).  After Mary’s mother and sister sued her to regain control of the estate, the courts ordered Mary Cummins to return all but some $65,000 of the multi-million dollar estate. 

We have not seen any communication between Mary Cummins and her very much alive mother because Mary had to sign an agreement when she abided by the court order to return the estate that there would be a $50,000 penalty if any contact were made, but we have uncovered the online correspondence between she and her very much alive father:

May 28, 2013 
Did you post on my Google page last night, Dad? I don't understand your message. Say "hi" to Reenie for me.

May 29, 2013 
yes I did.. However, not on the web at times..send me email.
12:57 PM (Aug, 2013)
This goes back for 4 months ago.. I do not recall? Why you keep asking me the same damn question?

2:31 PM  (Aug, 2013)
Look at the date. I asked the question back in May. I didn't ask again.

·        Mary Cummins I just filed a motion objecting to denial of oral argument and the submission date. July 31 at 11:29am · Like · 1
·        Franco Incremona Why would they deny oral arguments?July 31 at 2:50pm · Like
·        Mary Cummins Three reasons, (A) the appeal is frivolous (B) the dispositive issue or issues have been authoritatively decided; or (C) the facts and legal arguments are adequately presented in the briefs and record, and the decisional process would not be significantly aided by oral argument. I would like to think it's C but I just don't know.  July 31 at 3:02pm · Like · 1
·        Mary Cummins I requested oral argument and extension on submission because items need to be entered.  July 31 at 7:48pm · Like · 1
Now here’s Daddy:
·        Llewellyn Cobb Where in the world did you come up with all this pro bono stuff?  August 4 at 3:46am · Like

More from Daddy and daughter (Aug, 2013):
·        Llewellyn Cobb Mary, did you know that once I click then up jumps a LB Boyd and then another foundation of Cats etc. Seems as tho a few folks wishes to get on or near your web site 3 hours ago · Like
·        Mary Cummins That could be.  2 hours ago · Like

Apparently Mary did not tell Daddy that it is Bat World Sanctuary that has pro bono representation and not her.  According to Mary, in court documents, she claimed she contacted every single attorney in Texas to try and get representation, pro bono or otherwise, and nobody would touch her case.  Of course not.  Any thinking attorney recognizes a loser when he sees one.  Maybe Daddy Cobb did as well and that is why he does not know his daughter very well.  

And the Mary Cummins worm turns but for those of you who, ahem, felt sorry for Mary Cummins the orphan, you can now regal in the fact that not only does she have a mother and a sister but yes, she has a Daddy, too.  However, her core family has chosen to not be a part of her life.  Mary Cummins is not an orphan just a cast-out family member because of her ill-deeds, but let’s all congratulate Mary Cummins, the ‘indigent’ cyberstalker who lives in Bel Aire and has a guest house on her property (yes, it is true) for reconnecting with Daddy (whether he wants to or not).  LOL

 All together now!
 He plops his suitcase by the door, he won't be back no more
 He recognizes she shuddna been born, he feels it to the core (chorus of bad seed, bad seed)
She drags herself across the floor, digging in her claws
He recognizes what she wants as she opens her jaws
 He gives her the boot, there is no loot,
Mary says, "There'll be a suit!" (chorus of bad seed, bad seed)"

And now you understand why Daddy stayed away so long and why he offered to help her victims.  His next song will be a chorus of "Who's Sorry Now?"



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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
bat world sanctuary amanda lollar

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