Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mary Cummins Employment History

Veeeeery interesting to see the screen grab below, as all of Cummins previous employment – Found Animal Foundation, City of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills BMW not only wound up in her being fired, BUT all were involved in court actions with her as well (see here, and here, and page 25 here).   

Geez, if the only previous employment Cummins can list resulted in her being fired and everyone wound up testifying in a court action, it sort of explains why she is self-employed.  As Mary stated at her indigency hearing, “I’m doing everything I can to try to find a job.  I’ve applied for every job in my field on Career Builder, and Craigs List.  I did receive one job, and I accepted it.  And on the first day of the job I was fired……”  Not a very good track record.  Here is a clue. If you cannot find work in your field, go find other work.  If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, that is the definition of being mentally impaired.

Maybe the new employer investigated Mary’s past and found out her sister and mother accused her of embezzling money, property and oil leases from the dying grandmother, she has been fired from all of her previous employment and everyone wound up involved in a court action with her, real estate is her means of “supporting my animal habit” which would denote she does not take her job seriously, she runs a suspended non-profit in the state of California, she has been reprimanded by CA Dept of Fish and Game, she is indigent after being in business for 28 years, she claims she does not own a car, she claims she graduated college and she did not.  Oh dear, there just is not enough paper to write it all down.  Come on, Mary, this is the age of the computer.  Employers can find out about all those skeletons in the closet.   

As one person recently stated after reading about Mary and her shenanigans with her family, "It's a mercy her participation in the gene pool is self-limited.”

I think that says it all.


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